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Thought this would do - suits all occasions
Bunny ...

Thanks flo ...yes please..bit heavy ... just need my dress on now...


Miss Becks

I'll do security! No gate crashers getting in our 'do'.


Bunny.. wrote (see)

errr jo is the engineer to look at OH or boiler

Boiler, mechanical sort!

Have just told OH that daughter has left bags & bags & boxes of 'stuff' to take up tomorrow. It's Ikea furniture assembly day! Will be good practice for when I finally measure a space we've got & order ours!! After last yrs fiasco I'm not in a rush- know what I/we want & it'll not be discontinued!

All being well, if we're good, we'll get a 'day off' on Sunday. J.



Decided to change -socks are on


Bunny ...
Ahhhhh not the old boiler just the boiler then

Excellent becks ....ya know what it can be like
Bunny ...
Ohhh Geoff the socks..the socks ...

Deano excellent forgot the tunes

Come on bev weed , mingle in ... Awaiting sue

Geoff!!!! Get dressed!!!!

Bjay - fab frock, Becks - well scary, Bunny - pretty in pink, Dean ready to entertain ... so COME ON! You've only got an hour.


Bev - pretty and daffy

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Lottie! 

Welcome Bev!  Ya picked a right night to join in! 


Cant decide-cant find a thing to wear



I'll be on call in case there are any...incidents. Slightly concerned about Bev and the weed.



Pennine Petal
Back from Costco, what an interest afternoon's postings

Hello and welcome Bev, have seen you round and about.

Geoff, can you pretend to be a trades person with his own business, you do odd jobs, that might do! Being a 'professional' they let me in, only cos the uni has a deals with them. You have to pay to be a member but good savings to be had. Manuka honey 12+ 7.49 for 2 jars. I will let you my card.

I'll have to look in my wardrobe for something to wear. I'll be back.

Just doing my makeup-will be ages yet



Bunny ...
Someone please find Geoff some clothes before he catches a chill

Nipping out ...won't be long ... Don't start without me ...

Cor Geoff, like the smouldering look don't know about nail varnish though


Dont 'do' posh, will scrub up though.

As usual have treated myself in M&S & get back to find that they've sent me a voucher... But I did use gift vouchers so not all bad & wasnt full price either. So stop it Jo.