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Woah Bev was a bit worried for a mo when i saw 'weed'


Is there anything to eat at this party? if not I'll go and get tea ready. Nothing to wear, so will just come as I am.


I bought the dog his usual food and he's had a free gift - a bone toy made out of rice husks

Don't think he was impressed, me I'd have preferred a voucher

Pennine Petal

Is this too dressy?

 Geoff, Alf Ipititimus!!!

Pennine Petal

Food? I got a giant apple pie at Costco. Custard anyone?



WE thought about glasses but have we anything to put in them?

Miss Becks

Loving all the costumes!

Sorry Bev, forgot to say hello and welcome!

You watch, we're all ready to party, and Sue's colleages will have thrown her a surprise do, she will get in late, fall asleep on the settee (or pass out) and not even notice we're here, waiting.


That is is it Glyn

The ladies all look lovely

Not sure about this tie-thoughts??



Glyn, you probably don't get many chances to wear that, so why not?

Chris, Jo, anyone - come as you are. Except Geoff who has to put some clothes on.

Chris, have tea anyway, then you won't make a piggy of yourself - I have to do that   In fact, Im off to do that now!

Miss Becks

What's in the hanging basket Geoff?


my dibber

Just thinking- do I need to wear trousers??-what will go with shirt?


Pennine Petal

Bev, yummy cakes Just ate half a box of jaffa cakes

Please call me Glyn, everyone else does. Not a bloke though



The pants are on-won't be long now


Deanos Diggin It

B'j! a phone call, n it's sorted! There as we speak!,1264881416,1/stock-photo-kegs-on-a-sack-barrow-of-a-beer-retailer-in-antwerp-belgium-45591076.jpg




Geoff, to be honest, at the moment, it's just too much information

Sue H
Welcome to the party all. Bottoms up! Soooo glad I dont have to go back to saltmines. Though will miss some people. Definitely not others.
Bunny ...
Woooohooooooooo sppppppeeeeeeeeeech sue speech

Where's the glasses ?

Looking good girls....omg Geoff are you still preening ya feather

Nice food ..what a selection...

Come on ...ramp up the tunes dean...

Cheers Sue! Here's to the Great Escape