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Bunny ...
Sounds like a plan.... A greasy spoon

Morning all. Fun party last night.

I hope the retail therapy and breakfast out cheer you up Goldie.

Did anyone see Gardener's World? Good one, I thought. I thought Monty was looking better, he was on form -  full of enthusiasm. Joe was at home with his contemporary design, Carol was her usual bubbly self, bit more eye make-up than usual! But here subject was mahonias which are one of my least favourite shrubs, boring and prickly for most of the year.


Morning forkers - wow that was some party last night. Sorry I couldn't make it. Wouldn't mind some of that breakfast though, looks yummy.

Have taken OH to work, and son no. 2. Will take son no. 3 in a couple of hours as he starts at lunchtime. Then over to visit brother and grandad.

Will have to record the rugby so son no. 3 and I can watch it later. Weather is horrible here - raining and blowing a gale. 

Pennine Petal
Sausage sarnie, sorry for speaking with my mouth full.

Morning all, great party, my feet are aching.

Working today, more applicants.

C'mon the boys!
Deanos Diggin It
Morning Everybody!

Coffee n large bowl of "Scottish oat's" with a large dollop of Golden Syrup mixed in!

Catch up on GW, then must get on! Loads to do!

Grey n overcast here, but not cold : )

Goldie! Try not let it spoil ya weekend! ; )


Bunny ...
Ahhh some more risers ..pleased everyone enjoyed the party , am worn out today

Have a good day whatever you are doing , I possibly have a trip to beige to do for OH of course I shall only 'look' at other stuff

If you could just keep your voices down for a couple of hours  that would be a kindness   Oooh, the sound of the computer keys is really loud  

Haven't partied like that in a long time

Morning all btw. Sunshine and showers here. I suppose I should get dressed.

Pennine Petal
Dean, we had problems with the neighbours once and they made complaints about us to the council. All blown over now. Keep smiling and grit your teeth. They complained about us slamming doors in the night. It was the night my mum fell and broke her hip, they were ambulance doors.

Have a good day!
Bunny ...
MORNING FLO ...ohhhhh shhhhhhhhh sorryyyyyyy

Could we have sun please? sleet snow here and very cold

I have emerged properly now

Will clinkety clonk along to the offy with the empties later

Lots of stuff ending on e-bay this morning-so lots of time looking for last minute snipers to make a grab

Dont get me started on funny neighbours

Bunny ...
Are you not the funny neighbour Geoff .... hehehe

We have some corkers...could write a book , most have nicknames
Bunny ...
Anything worth buying Geoff ?

Bunny-mostly my Mothers stuff and some surplus kitchen equipment

There is a Poole Pottery vase that started at £3.99 and is now £30-lots if interest-I think this may be the treasure that got away

Nice to see Lottie for a second day and Bev


Bunny ...
Good going Geoff hope it makes more I'm sure things will sell.

Come on Flo.... Greasy spoon ????


Sue H
Morning all. Bit late here. Been reading my dummies user guide for this thing. Head now in pieces. Going to try to post some pics. You could end up with anything! ! Don't be surprised if you get pics of Christmas or cats

Goldi, wear your Asbo with pride - my delightfuly batty Aunty B is thrilled with hers, awarded for riding her mobility scooter too fast on the pavement in her little village on the Gower!  She's always wanted to be a rebel but has only just been able to manage it since Uncle B popped his clogs as she was too busy keeping him in order 


Right, s'pose I'd better start on some clearing up.

Make a noise quietly everyone.  

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

Last night's party went well! Glad there was no trouble, and I didn't have to shoot anyone.

Very dull conditions today. Coffee anyone?

Sue H
Yes please. Strong white. No sugar x