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Bunny ...
Pleased your feeling bit better today rosa. Seems a lot of power probs at moment , mum had same thing although in the day luckily. The takeaways must've made the workmen speed up

Can come and work on my garden plan next if you like
Bunny ...
Sue about eeney meeney miny mo

Hi folks.

Postman delivered my bulbs I ordered from Anglia Bulb company, very exciting as I have ordered some things I have never grown before.

Jean, Have yours arrived?. Rang them to say I didn't have any instructions for the Taccas, spoke to Tracey, she told me they were waiting for the instruction sheet to arrive and would forward it to me later, but gave full planting instructions, looks like we are in for a bit of a challange

Sounds like the party went with a swing, sorry I had to leave early

Those plants look good Dean, looks like it will keep you out of trouble potting that lot up.

Enjoy your day. Out tonight to a friends house for a meal and catch up.




Sue H
Bunny thanks for your constructive ideas.....
By the look of Deano his work is cut out for hours. Even days.
Waiting now to get in shower. 3rd in line at moment!!
The potty gardener

Some Hellebore I ordered arrived. Not sure if I should risk planting them outside. Think I may pot up and keep inside for a few weeks. My son complains that there is no room in the kitchen to cook as the plants are taking over!!


Jean Genie

Hi Chris, I was thinking about the bulbs this morning and was thinking of messaging you to see if yours had arrived. Now I know.  Hopefully mine will arrive soon now. When I spoke to Tracy, she advised me to wrap the bulbs in sphagnum moss before planting and said they were challenging. On a plus note. she said if they failed , she would replace them.

Lets hope for the best.

Everybody seems busy today except me , I'm busy doing nothing.

Rain gone off now. Just as well. Don't want OH electrocuting himself whilst messing with water feature - need him to do some digging.

Sue H
Bev - tell him the plants are the joy in your life. Last year for several weeks had plants coming into kitchen at nights. No greenhouse. In out in out. Was dedicated. Kitchen looked like a field at night. No cooking after dark.

Back from e-bay cyber world-sold three items £48+ richer -11 unsold for relisting another day

Whay have I missed?

Jean Genie

Chris's taccas have arrived. Mine haven't.

Well done on the E-Bay front.


Had some plugs of heuchera today - bit smaller than anticipated

When I looked on invoice it said some begonias should have come end of feb - no sign - T&M for you.

Have ordered from Unwins today. Anyone has their stuff?

Going to disppear into GH later, It's that sort of day and planting seeds won't aggravate aches and pains


Bunny ...
Don't think going to beige today ...Been helping OH who needs some more help , I shall hide in the greenhouse in between stages

Well done on eBay Geoff .
Sue H
Geoff perhaps if I persist with the book I can go on ebay too ....

Been doing more rose pruning and hacking away at ivy which has got far too vigourous. Going to cinema when I've showered to see an opera from New York met. filmed live.


Liz, I saw a live production of KIng Lear at the cinema a while ago. Bloomin' satellite link broke down about a third of the way in. Eventually got back on but they must have been filming it as well because we didn't just jump to Act 3!

I'm sure your opera will not be so blighted - enjoy it

Sue H
Aw Lizzie. Would love that. Nothing planned here. Just roast duck in plum sauce and tv! Though off to look in second hand bookshop later. Always come up with some treasure.


Sue H
Also thought I would let you all know has reached a balmy 6 degrees here. Will be tshirt weather soon.

10c here already and the sun is coming out, should warm it up by at least another 5c



Hi Jean.

I'm sure yours will arrive next week, Tracey was in the dispatch area when I spoke to her this lunch time, so I think she is working flat out to get orders out to everyone. Everything was sooooo well packed, hope you are happy with yours when they arrive. Going out shortly to plant up, with some trepidation, just hope I do it right, seems a bit of a faff. She also assured me she would replace if they don't grow.

I've just bee out to wash a couple of terracotta pots and it is still cold.

Hope you enjoy the opera Lizzie. We have seen a few live performances streamed to the cinema from Royal Opera House, both ballet and opera, all been excellent.

Well done Geoff, hope you manage to sell the rest. Going to Bury St Edmund's tomorrow to pick up my bargain.




Come back from GH. sowed seeds, re-sowed some that the seedlings suffered from drought and died. Pricked out some and have put under fleece, very pleased that those seedlings that are in a GH inside the real GH and are covered in fleece have survived Thanks Gary for that hint  Have only sown flowers, must do some veg otherwise we will have none.

I thought echinacea seeds hadn't germinated, looked closely and found they are just breaking the surface so now will have 2 lots