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Bunny ...
...and raining again

Raining here, waiting for a break to take the dogs out. Seems unlikely before dark; I guess we'll all get wet again

It has been raining nearly all day here no.3 son and dil are coming for lunch tomorrow so I have been trying to get rid of all the dust that is everywhere after Barry sanded the floor ready for the new one in the new shower room - the tiling is finished and it looks lovely
Cottage pie,carrots and broccoli for dinner with rice pudding and fresh mango for pudding
Pam LL x
Caz W

Afties all - raining here too   Had a nice lie in - needed after Sue's party last night!  Got some nice little plants in Morrisons - 2 camellias, a pieris, a ceanothus and a photinia (just because it was called Little Red Robin) and they were only £2 each   Have got quite a nice stash of plants ready for my shady part of garden now.  Need some nice weather to finish off clearing it so I can get on and plant them.

Hope everyone is feeling good today.  Dove - love the sound of your Aunty B

Pennine Petal
Well Caz, that rendition in the Millennium Stadium set us up well for the match!

Back home now, just in time.


Caz W

Glyn - it brought tears to my eyes


Dodged out between rain showers to walk dogs. The break between rain showers turned out to be a 15 min. hailstorm  We are all very wet despite sheltering under a tall rhododendron.   Now it's stopped precipitating and the sky has brightened considerably  
OH has gone to get lottery ticket and beer. I said come back with wine please

I think my Welsh ancestry is rearing its head - missed the opening but off to see what's what at the Millenium stadium.


I'm waving the flag for England, fantastic atmosphere, hope it's a good match for both sides.

Got my taccas and gloriosa lily potted up and installed in conservatory, just keeping fingers crossed now, never grown taccas before. Now need some warmer weather.

I have bought from Unwins sime time ago and I  think they were ok, must have been or I would remember otherwise. You don't forget poor plants.

Pennine Petal
Me Too Caz, always the same.

Sue, I could do with one of those guides Sue, only got mine this week and couldn't even work out how to answer it. 185 page instruction book online is a bit much, but they also use words I don't understand.

Got a parking fine for OH stopping in a forbidden zone at Liverpool Airport. Only stopped for 20 seconds to pick me up.
Jean Genie

Still raining here - water feature on hold until tomorrow.  But OH did fit the new shower

Hope tomorrow is a better day so I can get outside.

Glyn , what a pain - I'd appeal.

Looking forward to my Taccas , Chris. Well done on the potting up.

Stay dry and keep singing.

Sue H
Been shopping. Thought coleus seeds would be there. Wasn't any. Forced to go to GC!! Had a look round, as you do. Loads of things I'd like. They had lots of baby veg plants. Started to hyperventilate. Then realized they were far too early and I still have time for them all. Anyhow, bought coleus seeds and they are in propagater. Wasn't very many seeds for the money!!
Also noticed they had little pots of sweet peas. Must have about 6 plants in each. 1 pound 49!!! Have got dozens growing, so felt better all round.
Jean Genie

Sue, got my coleus seeds from Wilko - £1 and packet states about 100.

Caz W

And we were singing hymns and arias

Land of my Fathers, ar hyd y nos

We done it Glyn !!!!!!!




Caz-men with odd shaped balls again ??

Is there singing in the Valleeeeeeeezzz?

Caz W

There'll be a lot of hangovers tomorrow Geoff



I claim my Powell forbears today

  That was exciting in a stomping all over the opposition kind of way

 I learnt to enjoy rugby in the 70s when I was at college with quite a few Welsh people - a good time for the Welsh game

Bunny ...
Odd balled men ? what have I missed ?

Did potting on in greenhouse of cuttings taken from mums garden last yr , weigelia (sp?) all taken very proud of myself ., various anemone , potentilla, and stuff didn't name hehe ...surrrrpriiiise..surrrpriiise when they appear . Going to take party girl cutting /split up tomorrow .

Hi all, could somebody tell me what taccas are? Google doesn't want to know!

Caz W

You can be FloDragon today