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It is not looking sunny here at all, very grey but warm. I have bought a lucky ticket

Geoff I am sure a man of your talents would be able to deter the wrong sort of buyer

Gary do you think there will be panic buying of ice cream?

Flo do you have a mini-zoo?


It's a lot cooler out there today. Didnt actually fancy breakfast outside!

Waiting (ha, again) on daughter returning from work so can sling stuff into washer to make up a full load.

In the meantime have saved monies on car insurance, same co, but altering excess & removing car hire, Was trying to now get the 2cnd car discount. Only to discover that OH snaffled it last autumn- my car being the 'donor' car for both him & daughter last year! Knew she'd got it, but with her going E/W I thought it t'was my turn.......

Bad news is that our existing travel insurance people wont give me annual cover! Quote for the 2 weeks booked is pretty steep too, so shall investigate further. Have other suggestions & no rush yet.

Guess what- delivery co phone permanently engaged!! OH says he'll sort later..... J.


What I did forget to say was that my coldframe has arrived! A huge box in the hall & another, smaller, one in the porch. So at least that should get assembled this w/end- she says hopefully as cant move the hall box as sooo heavy & it will get in the way.

Just enjoyed reading Trilliums' blog about her Tatton show exhibit this year- well done to all concerned. J.


OH has bought a ticket as well-with the phrase you never know-but I think I do-she is not aware of the T&C's regarding winnings

Buyer deterrents-walking up and down outside in a thong ,talking loudly on a phone,dropping syringes outside,sharp intakes of breath about subsidence.

We are promised sun later -it is muggy now


Jo it sounds very busy there did you have any good photos of Tatton?

Geoff will you worry if you appear in your thong and they offer the asking price What happens if they move in while you are away? Is Margaret deputised? What are the T&Cs?



The garden centre is now huge, and its like they are struggling to fill the space as one area was practically empty apart from a few discounted bits and pieces. There is even a mini-supermarket and deli counter in there! This is an independent GC, and I can remember when it was just a few sheds! I bought some seed and cutting compost as I've run out and some rooting powder. Was disappointed though, because although it was late night opening the new cafe (also revamped) wasn't open! This isn't the GC I go to for lunch - that's a different one closer to work.

Its cooler here and rain is forecast for later on, so I might pop to the other GC!

1kg of broad beans podded and in the freezer last night. Still got some more to pick. At least something is a success this year!

Jean Genie

Hello everybody,  I've been wanting to add a little bit to this thread for ages. I really enjoy the banter and funny stories you all share with each other but I do suffer from confidence issues and I don't want to come across as a cyber stalker ! I do warn you  now though- I have a hidden agenda! First a bit about myself - I'm 58 and even though I'm not even close to being as knowledgable and proficient as most of the people on this forum - I do really enjoy my garden. I consider myself to be more of an amateur as my first love was houseplants and I have quite a lot . I've always enjoyed growing things so gardening became a natural progression. We've been at our present address for 14 years now and as the house was a new build, we didn't have a garden - just a mud bath ! We had the basics put in by a landscaper and over the years I 've added to it and started to grow my own seeds and cuttings etc. I'm now quite happy with it but find things a bit of a challenge at times which is why I joined the forum ( the first one ever ! )  Looking back I have put a lot of posts on it but would just like to say they are all genuine which leads me nicely into the agenda ! This flipping tree vs snowball bush ! I don't want to put yet another post out there but I am desperate to find out what this tree is so this is a back door way if you like ! What I have stated is true and I thought  the tree was a silver birch  Berghill says it is not possible to graft on to it so I do believe him . Would anyone be kind enough to look at the pictures I've posted and try to identify it for me please ? Sorry for the long winded speech but I've been up half the night looking up grafting and trees.  Can't make head or tail of it and still think it's some sort of birch but I'm not good on trees . Sorry for being a bit sneaky !


Jean pop in anytime for a natter, I also have a new build garden, it is much harder work than people realise. I unfortunately know nothing about trees.

Jean Genie

Yes Gary that is it . Its baffling me ! Kate - think we've got to grips with it now though . Still have problems with clay pockets but we're working on them Thank you for replying but got to go out - don't know what time I'll be back on line but I will be later .


Jean-welcome to our world and if anyone elses wants to join this is not a closed shop, gang or clique just people who ramble on about absolute trifling matters most of the time -all lottery winnings are shared is the only hard and fast rule-and I haven't seen a cent yet

Teresa Green


Jean, nice of you to join us. Geoff forgot to say we also share cakes, biscuits and chocolates if we can! As for the garden thing, mine was a new build when we moved in 20 years ago - and its still a 'work in progress' - although not much progress!

Don't know much about trees apart from the fact that I have 2 silver birches in my garden which I think is what sets off my hayfever!


Should also add-menu plans,tv selections, news coverage,fashion advice, the odd gardening subject-remembering where we are...............


Welcome Jean, the more the merrier I say. It gets a bit disjointed at times on here, but why not?

Am now all slobbed out in garden togs ready to do battle with emptying a large compost bin. Yes I know I muttered about nail varnish, but think some of the discolouration is dirt- oops, well not all of it. Shall wear 2 pairs of gloves anyway as not soo warm today that I'll melt.

Still cant get through to delivery co- no surprise there then!

Daughter back & crashed out, but I can make noise today, she says. I never realised just how noisy I must be as radio always on etc when in house. Washer also going & will 'sing' when ready. Phone ringer also back on, but will pull door closed when finally go outside.

Will have a look at the ? thread next. J.


I have dug up the wilting dahlia, although it is 50 cm tall its white roots are only 5cm long, it obviously did not like the clay in that area of the garden. I have trimmed it back hard to see if I get any late flowers.

Noisy gardener has turned up



I have just lifted one container of main-crop potatoes as they had the dreaded blight-the earlies strangely are untouched-weighed them -3 lb from 4 tubers -again not bad but they would have got bigger

Can see flowers appearing on french beans

Bean guru

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)
...Bean guru

The Baked Bean ... cockney rhyming slang for Her Majesty. Apparently featuring in tonight's opening ceremony? Not sure how. Perhaps a huge animated baked bean can, or bean on legs. I hope some kind of explanation will be provided for the benefit of foreign viewers.


Geoff I seem to be getting french beans but not really seeing flowers, are they very small or do they germinate quickly?

Gary I have asked the boy from Bow and he laughed, obviously not common usage.

I have been to the GC and bought some winter gem lettuce seeds (half price) as I have failed with growing salad leaves.


Welcome to funny farm Jean. Stick around. I too am a bit of a lurker and enjoy reading the silly stuff. What I like about here is that all comers are welcome, I have been on a messageboard that seemed very cliquey and I felt as if I didn't exist. Sorry can't help with your bush.

Geoff, I would only ever tinkle in private, never on national telly.

Kate, I do have a menagerie, all adopted/rescued - 3 dogs, 3 chickens, 3 hedgehogs  (I only see one, I think the rest moved out) 2 snakes and a small green parrot. And 4 little fish in a tank. (I bought those). And an OH who gets a look-in sometimes too!!!