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Bunny ...
Good game ...good game ... Bruce Forsyth ?

Ahhh Derek you've returned unscathed

Swiss ...I just don't get it /I'm/her ...or Miranda

Being from Finglas myself I find breandan efiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn funny



Back from the cinema opera live. It was great, the screen was huge and they showed the real stage just as it was happening, including the prop changes in the intervals. Flo would have liked that!. It was a little known opera, Francesca da Rimini, by the New York Met. Francesca has to marry one of three brothers. She and Paolo fell in love, but the brother the parents made her marry wasn't him, it was the one with the gammy leg. Anyway, it all ended in tragedy and death, as usual. They will be doing a great programme from next autumn, with Tosca, La Boheme, Prince Igor and others.

Then we went for a pizza at OH's favourite pizza place in a very old building with exposed stone walls, beams and a proper pizza oven.

It's pouring with rain now. It was nice this morning and we gardened, but it started to rain when we went out.


I hope you all had a good evening, so full of mine I didn't say anything about yours.


You sound as if you had agreat time Liz. Our local cinema does the special viewings, my daughter and I plan to do a ballet, but never seem to get together at the right times (sigh


I would love to do that Liz - sounds lovely -)
I know it isn't the same but I have been to a couple of singalong evenings at the theatre -the Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music
There is a herb nursery in Cornwall that we visited a few years ago with the naughtiest statues in the garden that I have ever seen -much too naughty to put pics on here - when I saw them I blushed!!!
Pam LL x

Going to Cornwall this year - OH would not approve

Going to visit my first NGS garden tomorrow, well sort of, Went to one where I lived before and couldn't see what was special about it, Definately didn't spend 45mins looking at the garden and found it very ordinary so was put off. i am assured, weather willing, that the one tomorrow is good

I expect yours is pretty good Pam 

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Got a surprise when I went outside this morning - ice on the birdbath. That wasn't forecast. And temp in the greenhouse just 0.5C. And the nights are forecast to get colder.

Glad someone enjoyed their opera last night. I only like the ones with happy endings. Don't want to go to bed and have nightmares. I did see the Magic Flute, on DVD, a few nights ago, when there was nothing on telly. Also have a few others stored away for rainy days.

Photo from the jolly frog party yesterday. They like to play this piggy-back game



Morning Gary and forkers to come.

Liz, that sounds a great evening- esp. the scene shifters!  I've been to one opera, an outdoor prodution of the Marriage of Figaro but we'd had a long and tiring journey and I was extremely hungry so too tired and grumpy to appreciate it. Must do it again sometime (not the tired and hungry part).

Great froggy-back pic. Gary. Presumably you lurk somewhere and use a decent zoom. I love the look of the water too.

Caz - FloDragon I love it


Happy St Paddy's day to all , on this cold wet miserable morning ,




Oh, yes, forgot it is 17th today
Lots of Welsh and part-Welsh on here - wonder if we'll have a goodly Irish count today.

Happy St Patrick's Day to Derek and those to arrive.


Why thank you Flo,I think evey one's Irish today



It certainly felt like that went I was at school - a convent grammar, so you can imagine

Bunny ...
Morning all

Sounds like you had a good night Liz.

Rosa I'm sure you will get to ballet , I saw one in Nashville

Pam rude statues

Oh I say Gary ..I hope they approve of your watching

Happy St P Derek.

Morning Flo

Weather report from the back of nowhere ...snow...snowing .... with fog
The potty gardener

Morning all. Not fully awake yet. My kitten has decided that my nose needs grooming so will not stop licking it.My son left a tin os spagetti whereshe could clean it out last nicht so now she has peachy coloured nose and cheeks


Sue H
Morning all. Just arisen! Up late last night ferrying teenage son from party in the middle of nowhere back into town. Don't want him getting lifts from other teenage drivers at that time. Rather stay awake myself so he is safe. Think he will have a thick head this morning
Bit grey here. One of my begonia's has got a shoot on Noticed yesterday that some of my lettuce's and cornflowers are coming through Spring is nearly here

Morning everyone. Bev, the nose-lickling is probably to cover the guilty conscience for eating up the spaghetti!

Pennine Petal
Morning all, happy St Patrick's Day Derek and any other Irish folk.

Sounds like a good night out for some of you. Looks like those frogs were queuing up to play.

Snowed overnight and foggy now. Just started snowing again.

Family coming today so need to set to soon. I'll have to persuade Rocky cat to stay in the house rather than going out into the snow. The 2 year old likes to play with him and he resists her.
Deanos Diggin It
"A Top oh the Morning too ye"

Happy St Paddy's Day All!

Cracking night by the sounds over in French France Liz

Great picture as always Gary!

Coffee Time!
Bunny ...
Anyone got somet stronger ???

Dog rolled in fox

Neighbour (sponger, take a lender, idle, waste of space ) been on phone with leaking bath ...OH did bathroom 4yrs ago as was disgusting mess and he had 4 kids there, neighbour didn't want to spend money so done on cheap with cheapest stuff ...whenever anything cheap not working ...onto OH who isn't a plumber ..did as favour.... I shall shut up now ....aaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh
OH who's only time off was to see his mum Mother's Day .... Now il shut up ...