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hi i find seaweed is fantastic on my raised beds i add it every year when the soil level drops and compost is great as well.

Is that shore gathered seaweed?

was there ever an answer given to this question .just wondering .


Pennine Petal
Bunny, dog rolled in fox? Am I being incredibly dim?
Gary Hobson

I think that's a polite way of saying something that could be expressed in a more vulgar manner.

But we don't have anything smutty or distasteful on this thread.


Morning all.

Nothing smutty? I think I'm in the wrong place....

Damp again here this morning and lots of rain yesterday, so the allotment will be too sticky to do anything. Not feeling up to jolly banter with allotment folk today anyway - still feeking very shaky about the ASBO letter. I may distract myself by sorting my sock and knicker drawer - I know how to live!

Pennine Petal
Pooh!!! Haha, what you mean is yes I am being incredibly dim!, well, it is Sunday.

Just catching up with A-Z, I don't have any knautia, think I might try some this year.

Need to do something soon or family will be here!


Bunny ...
Ohhh Glyn **rolls eyes smileys** yes fox poo a firm fave of lab olives . I've just done birthday for brother's a doggy one aboutnall the things a dog loves to do, as his is black lab too ... I had to add in the rolling in things part (his dog rolls in otter poo) lovely dogs.
Olive showered and damp leaning on me

OH has been to neighbour , will go back again shortly to fix ...bless him , good heart

Going to beige this morning and call at Aldi on way back ...
Bunny ...
Knautia ? Do you say it as nausea ? or naughtier?

Has to be naughtier Bunny   much more fun!

Which place has a beige day on a Sunday, then?

Goldi, you know what's best for you but when I had a really horrible shock I found I was better being around other people - in this case my class of children - because I had to put on a brave face and it did push it to the back of my mind for a while. Didn't stop me howling all the way home, though.


Thanks Flo. I'm not very good with people in general, really. Hermit, me!

Bunny ...
Hehehe Flo naughtier ....I need to watch a-z now

Beige ...well we don't qualify anyway , beige brigade tend to be in when we go anywhere ...I have just taken to calling it beige to confuse

Well, carry on dropping in here - forkers can take you mind off things, even if you don't feel like joining in.

Cyber hugs,


Hello all, happy St Paddy's Day! 

Am taking son. no 3 to work in a minute - he didn't see the rugby yesterday so I won't tell him the score - more than my life's worth!

Then I will be sowing seeds and watching Grand Prix.

Pam, I've been to a sing along Sound of Music too - such fun!

Bunny ...
Goldi def mingle on here ...even just for chat ....or us just rambling on

Morning lottie ... I have sound of music in my head now

Showered  and dressed and  is only 11.30-top of the morning to all the Oirish-honourable or otherwise

It is paining here -have checked the ceiling -no drips

Have no plans to roll in anything-or go out

Bunny-you dont like Miranda  or Mrs Brown-why??

For all those with troubles-including the sexual kind-you know where to come-the door is always open

Bunny ...
Dont find them funny Geoff

We now have blue sky , sun and cloud



What do you find then funny ?

The Lady Vanishes is on tonight


Open door, Geoff? Does that not encourage voyeurs?

Just listening to JulieGoodyear on Desert Island Discs - what a lovely lady and what she's been through, though I don't share her taste in music particularly. The music is incedental on DID, I find.

Cyber hugs gratefully received - lovely. Sun is trying to break through now.....


Morning all.

I can just about walk & bend after a session yesterday in daughter's garden, even when it rained! Her wheely bin is full again! The back garden really is a soggy/wet situation. She has a new pond & a stream on 2 sides now. No not dug by me, just what happens when it rains .The clay soil is really clay & here was me hoping it was just the subsoil- no such luck. Oh well, a lot of growing in patio pots this yr I think, whilst we continue to access the state of things. At least 1 of her bird boxes appears to be occupied now.

OH is in the doghouse- but I dont think he knows it yet. Somehow the hole for a rotary washing line ended up blocked with whatever you have to put down it to secure the support in place. Now that blockage removed, but hole now too wide, no 'tube' to hold support, as in pieces, & dryer obviously not being held securely in place..... Daughter muttering about 'wouldnt have bothered buying one if I'd known he was going to make a such a * up!!'

I then had to teach her about curtain hanging. Oh no, Mum's way wasnt what it said on packet. So she tried 'the correct way' & ended up doing it my way after all. Couldnt bend properly to put the hooks in place when curtains spread out on bed, so that led to a row! Apparently they are now all up & I have a video somehwere on line to see the end result.

I shall abandon plans for my seed sowing today as OH & me need to do some joint paperwork which is long overdue. Tomorrow is another day. J.

Bunny ...
Errrr dunno Geoff... Funny stuff

Lady who

Bunny-we talked about this a few days ago-keep up-pills not kicked in yet?