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Deanos Diggin It

Sue take who ya want! But if ya not on the list or not wearing a tie!

"Ya Not Coming In"

A good day had!

  Laborious some would say! Therapeutic would be my reply! 

 Enough of them! Gunna do an hour on Bigger n betterer stuff n call it a day! 


Bunny ...
Afternoon all

Went to 'beige' ...they let me down no seed pots ...useless beige .
Off to Aldi for shopping ....then onto large GC (strikes ) OH suggested so found seed pots there ...didn't have ones was going to get but a billion diff others , let OH choose as could tell he wanted to .....also spotted some seeds ...and I guess they asked to come home with us

Now ....what to do with the potatoes.... Off to check...

Ps errr today laughed at dog , OH , us mocking everyone else out n about today (clearly the alien ship was in
Bunny ...

Nice skirt

New cooker

Sausage less sarni

Naughtier goes floppy and needs deadheaded

Dean...impressed , il book you in

Gary ...clearly I should check my ceilings then

No idea what you're on about Bunny, but no surprise there with me!

Some seeds now in propagator, others, very hardy sorts, on greenhouse staging. Lots of small spider plantlets potted up & 1 orchid redone.

OH back. Sorted out at daughter's & now planniong to mend our letterbox- yikes. Apparently daughter will be able to use rotary dryer after all- she can get a metal spike, correct size required, for the 'hole' in patio. Let's hope so.

Oh had to replace the rat bait again- after nearly 3 weeks, so that's another one!

Goldfinches back on feeder.

Off to get changed out of gardening togs & make a start on meal. Just had a cuppa & jam buttie. J.


BTW I wont be wearing beige when I get to over 60!! Purple- yes J.


Bunny ...
Did you have long garden skirt on for seeding as in goldi pic

Skirt? What's that?

Daughter's cast off 'designer' jogging pants from when every item of clothing had to have a label! Thank Goodness she outgrew that one pretty quick!! I refused to pay!!


Bunny ...
Hehehe @ what's that ...I know , same here...

I garden in jeans
Deanos Diggin It

I Garden in the Garden! 

Very quiet again on here this evening! 

Just had a nice Chicken n pineapple curry with naan's, very nice it was too! 

Off to bathe n shave! This week is done! 

Bunny ...
It's because Geoff isn't here yet
Pennine Petal
Evening all, family departed, food consumed, all now quiet. 2 year old has a very loud voice particularly when arguing with the 7 year old. she certainly hold her own. Missed the lovely afternoon sunshine, snow all melted now, no gardening done again.

Watching Grand Prix highlights now in peace and quiet.
Bunny ...
Evening Glyn ..busy day you had there

Dog walk done, chicken roasting, bread cooking

Am about to start some ironing, joy.....

OH now wondering if needs to go back over to work via the M/ways instead of A roads. The net forecast totally confusing, re extent of snow, so Countryfile now on & hope that sheds some light on the confusion. He's muttering about could have gone back earlier if hadnt been up at daughter's.

I need to get an idea too about mid-week forecast, as was intending to go see a friend, but snow could easily put me off that drive.

Signing off now. Byee all, J.


Hi Jo ,at the top of the page is a today ,tomorrow , forecast click on tomorrow and to the right of that it will give you a 7 day forecast. hope this helps fingers xxxx


The potty gardener

Lovely day. Went to GC with son, couldn't avoid clearance corner. Lovely hebe and some hyacinthus. Also got 3 ferns for £10.

When I got home had a lovely time potting up Gerbera and Hellebore.

Absolute freezing now. Luckily cats on my lap and kitten snuggled down into blanket so helping me warm up.


Deanos Diggin It

Night Jo! 

I'm gunna go wrap up shortly! 

The six day week awaits! 

But had a good weekend! Loads done! n feel loads better for it! 

 Redcurrents in! 

 Blackcurrents in! 

 Strawberry bed in too! "Cambridge Favourite" Already booked my stall at Wimbledon! £70 a punnit! 

Good weekend had!  I'm out of here! Goodnight all!  

Sue H
Evening all. Bit stressed! ! New job tomorrow! !!! Could be better sorted out. Tired now. Roast pork nearly ready. Kids arrived home.
Sue H
Dean that all looks terribly tidy!! Mine all looked similar when first done. Looks a bit different now. But I still love it
Pennine Petal
Be positive Sue, you are going to love it and have a great day and meet lots of nice friendly people.

What time do you start Sue?