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Caz W

Evening all!  Lovely sunny afternoon here so got lots done in the garden as OH was able to help - could do with some of Deano's plants now

Good luck for the new job tomorrow Sue - let us know how it goes. 

Did laugh at Dad's Army tonight - Morris Dancing , then watched rugby again to make sure it really happened .

Hope everyone is OK and relaxing now.


All the best tomorrow Sue 


Good luck Sue, hope you enjoy it. First day will be strange but I'm sure you'll settle in.

Looking good Deano!

Good luck tomorrow Sue!

Sue's new company car




All the best for tomorrow, Sue

Dean - great work. I always feel worn out just looking at your photos!!!

Bev. Cat and kitten pics would be lovely one day - quite a few catty / doggy / horsey forkers you know

Caz   - 'to make sure it really happened'

The potty gardener

Dean that looks so neat.

Sue best of luck for tomorrow.

Flo here is a pic of four of my cats keeping me warm earlier in the week when it was snowing. I also have the mum Lily of the white kitten Fizzy but she has had another litter and is looking afier her new kits.In fact though we got Lily as an adult and she hates the other cats so as soon as the kittens can leave her I must find her a new home where she is the only cat. 



Caz W

That looks cozy Bev and what a good excuse you had not to move

Caz W

Bunny!  Any seeds germinated yet?

Pennine Petal
Lovely cats Bev, I used to have 3 and they all liked to sit on my lap at the same time. Only the one one, he doesn't sit on lap at all, but likes to sit next to me and lean. If I move too much he bites me!
Bunny ...
Had lovely evening ...OH plugged himself into laptop and said to watch my gardening .... Ooooh those gardens on a-z ...and naughtier plant mmmm can't say I have seen it before...shall await planters seedlings all over garden
carol such enthusiasm on cottage prog , GW errr was ok .

Watched The Lady Vanishes-she didn't

Bed time


Sue H
Thanks for all your good wishes. Start at 9 in morning. Have to set off fairly early as is 14 miles away. Not sure exactly where place is although I have a reasonable idea.
Bunny. Gw was ok..
Could have been more exiting!
Bunny ...
Sue .. I'd like more more more ...more info, more everything, less chatter , how to , when to, ideas to, start to , don't do ... Only my opinion as a new gardener ..DON'T SHOOT ME experts

that'd take me about 20mins from here Sue , closest shop 10miles away. be thinking of you at 9 , il make a coffee and have a sit moment

Quiet tonight ....
Caz W

Think everyone is still recovering from Sue's party


I'm here now - very late but not staying

Will chat for a bit