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Bunny ...
Hehehehe Flo ... Ours grumbles to herself or through bedroom door at us

Oh, OH tells me he's not off today! I thought when one had the week off, it included Monday!!!

 grumbling dog

Bunny ...
dog has rolled again ...covered herself this time, shower water was BLACK for ages
Bunny ... a proud of herself dog and a grumbling mummy n daddy

You have got a seriously obsessed dog there, Bunny.  Or one with a bizarre sense of humour



Good morning Bunny, my OH has female westie and she is always rolling other dog poo I think she likes being bathed


Bunny ...
Managed to eat brekky of dippy eggs and soldiers tainted with the eau de fox/wet dog .... Showered her again as still stinking

Obsessed and bizarre I think
Gary Hobson

The scent in these, er, materials does have a real value.

By sniffing the material, other canines can detect what the depositing animal ityself had been eating, and so know if there is food in the area.

The scent may be unattractive to us, but, presumably, the scent of a lady fox smells very attractive to male dogs, and conversely. They can't get enough of it.


Morning all.

I showed OH Deano's photo (P. 1325) of plantlings indoors, although they look very neat I don't think it's going to happen here! Think I'd worry about the carpets too. I replaced them after first OH died and I did B & B.

There was a dreadful animal fight outside the kitchen last night which woke me up and made Tigger (Border Collie) bark and Alexa, the cat, was trembling. This morning when I went out there was blood, fur and poo (looked like cat or small dog) on the kitchen terrace, but animals had gone. There are lots of creatures living in the woods, stone martens, badgers, foxes, deer, wild boar, red squirrels, grey European dormice etc.

Bunny ...
It's said to be status too, smellier you are the better that's all very good but Olive you stink ! and we arnt impressed by it as you are.

Oh liz, awful probably better no animal still there

ooff Liz Oscar dog would be trembling and barking and probably end up with us or son. He's a real whimp

I too must apologise to Dean, but wasn't here much yesterday. Grea Bed'ding' plants. and great lottie beds as well.

This morning was really shar fros t on ground but above the GH was catching the sun so the vents had opened alittle - really looked weird

Am going to drive myself to Morrisons He He(Freedom) see what I can get then OH has sort of agred to take me to really large GC on Wednesday - 20% off if you have a card, will have one on Wednesday


Heres a pic of my 2 favorite girls resting after an hours worth of none stop playing jumping & chasing...



Pottie Pam

Good morning everyone,

Really nice day here to will get outside soon and carry on filling my raised bed that I made with old railway sleepers. Put six barrow loads of horsr and chicken poo in yesterday but need lots more yet.

Bunny, so excited for you about your cornflowers.

Hope all the smelly dogs are clean now. My dog's favourite perfume is dead things.

I always thought they rolled to disguise their scent when they were hunting.


They are lovely, how unusual a dog playing with a rabbit!

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Weather looks a bit more promising today. Should I cross my fingers for sun?

Haven't had a catch up yet, but will in a bit.





Have been to the PO to post the parcels-that might be the limit of my activity today

Bunny I may be being fick here-but why is the dog being allowed off the lead?

It is drizzling

Bunny ...

Hailing now  im on my way to yours Becks

It seems to have a few reasons with it this rolling.... silly dogs..

Friend of OH has lab and peter rabbit , lab treats as baby ...takes him to watch tv , have a lay in bed ,go in garden ..

Thanks Pam ...i hope some others follow soon.


I have my potatoes chitting , how do i know when they are ready  some have shoots anyway


Day isnt going to plan here...

Bunny ...

Haaaaa geoff she is in a forest , better exercise, she usually rolls once a monththis week daily


Was talking to OH about my potatoes this morning - need compost but no rush, Bunny, as they don'tlike frost

And usually it would be plant out end of March but I am going to be guided by the weather.

Incidently - good weather for garlic

Bunny ...

Ok so just leave em chitting til im ready to plant then?

Garlic had started spouting in greenhouse(id put in there as so cold day and night), have now planted them now await them doing a bit more