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Why is it pasport photos don't look like you. Just has some taken at a machine - just picked up OH off floor, laughed so much

It's called 'Blue Angel' will find it. Back in a mo 

Well I haven't driven for 6months and before that it was aabout 18mths


I seem to be repeating myself - Whoops pardon

Bunny - quite a few trees in Sainsburys car park are completely wrapped up in green netting - looks very odd!
The building is going to be extended soon and I think parts of the car park will be changing,too - so it wouldn't surprise me to see the trees being dug up sometime soon
Pam LL x


Miss Becks

It is soo good to have my car back!! And wear heels again!

Sun has come out, without need for crossing my fingers, so going to get changed and get out there working more on my veg beds.

What area are you looking to move to Bunny? Same one, or a total change?

Bunny ...

oh trees i see.... ive seen it done on hedges to stop nesting when going to be cut/removed .


Timbuckto would suit today Becks

Bunny ...

Ps changed my pic as a certain party moaned at similarities to a certain other

Miss Becks

No Bunny, I don't garden in my heels, but I have been walking to nursery since January, so been in flat shoes/boots. Hate them. Now I have my car back, no walking, so out come the heels!

Bunny ...

Heels..what are those things again..


OHs mates wife gardens in heels

Miss Becks

Now that it just silly. They would get dirty and scuffed.

Bunny ...

The leather on her heels all peel up

Miss Becks

That's a crime against fashion.

Anyway's, I'm off to dig. Laters!!

I'd like some weather like Becks has please!
Hoping to get out in the garden this afternoon after work.
Covered in snow, really horrible slushy stuff now and there is sleet to go with it

Will get into greenhouse and sow some seeds then bring them in to put in heated propagators in the conservatory. At least I will have done something. Will have to see how cold it is

One of those mornings but at least I haven't had to wash a stinky dog

Cold -heating back on

Should I wear heels when driving?


Bunny ...
Been outside eye watering wind ....shhhhheeeeeeeessssshhhhhhhhh still flakes are falling or trying ..

Stinker doesn't even want to go outside ...or lay on her side of couch on her covers , keep moving her

Need to do vat return
Bunny ...
I thought you did wear heels driving

Wear heels when diving- to avoid verrucas

Would that be VAT 69?



Coo, lots of catching up req'd while I've been out driving the dog rescue van. No dogs needed rescuing but was delivering things here and there.

Got a chance to aaaah at some new born puppies. Mum is staffy cross collie, came in hugely pregnant, had to have emergency Caesarian. Pups feeding well, she seems a calm mum.

Dave and Sue, lovely pics of dog/rabbit/cats


Lovely day here as well. Spent most of it shoppin for plants - not very successful- Attempting to drive the car and now walked up to the post office

My reward is that sun has gone, temp has dropped - just not fair.

Next door neighbour is having a pup, she is going to visit the litter next week - she is sooo excited.

me I'd rather have a cross breed,  I'd offer Flo, but my lovely old thing (OH and dog) won't take kindly to the idea. Pics would be good when they are older though