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Flo-will we get a picture of the fish?

Talking of pics- some are needed the gallery is slipping out of sight.

Bunny ...
Right ..brew required, bread in oven, soup on cake

Kerrygold-any more seedlings yet-other than cornflowers?

Bunny ...
I am not going to repeat myself ...................


Jean Genie

Electrics all sorted on water feature but the lights aren't working and they are sealed units.  We've just been trawling the net for replacements and found pond lights on Amazon.

Does anyone know of anywhere else we can get them  ?

Joining you in a brew. Bunny.

Bunny ...
I'm too busy to look Geoff ....

There is a man here servicing the boiler-it is not whistling nor is he-I shall not go on about it for months


Wish ours wasnt set to wake me rather early each morning. Still it's being sorted soon Geoff, well it 'b' well better be!

Tesco arrived 5mins early & driver apologised! Been up to beigeland, got houseplant suitable compost, & Aldi for some bits.

Rearranged visit to WMidlands- long way to go for lunch at a GC, but tis nearly friend's birthday. J.

Bunny ...
Geoff you need to get out more or get a hobby .

Chicken &potato soup had with homemade cheese and chive sour dough, choc/coffee olive oil cake in oven
Now to tidy my mess

G'day All

Late been to WW

 Then went to get abus pass sat there for ages took dreadful photo from yesterday,

Went to wool shop for more knitting, then Wilko (new hanging baskets) Waitrose (hot cross buns) then - oh joy- OH took me to cheap place and got 3 x70l bags of compost for £10. So now I can plant up the basket seeds and some of new plants that I have bought over last couple weeks.

Will catch up on that ater lunch Geoff

Lunch now, back later

Bunny ...
Great shopping ... Shame we don't get to see bus pass picci didn't think you were old enough for bus pass

Great shopping . I love wool shops, must be from being little going in with mum , even now like to touch balls of it in shops

Deciding to carry on cooking ...hmmm was there a carry on cooking
Steak and ale stew either have later with dumplings if hungry enough or for tomorrow ....
Anyone want any cooking done ?
Snow/rain stopped, brighter but not sunny


Gary Hobson
jo4eyes wrote (see)

Tesco arrived 5mins early & driver apologised!

They do!

I think Tesco are very strict about arrival times. A couple of weeks ago the driver arrived here a few minutes early. He was just sitting in the van, waiting for 10 o'clock. So I went out to him, and said it was OK to come in.


Have to admit Gary that am careful which time slot I pick. We're the Manchester side of delivery store, which is only 4 miles away, but asking for an early delivery or one around evening rush hour/school times is asking for trouble. Used to be a 2hr slot, but this 1hr is better.

Still surprised at how much only 2 crates cost though.

Have finally downloaded various updates to this pc & deleted the old/installed extra bumph you get. Waiting on weather forecast, dont know why just habit I guess. Then shall get changed & trot down to greenhouse clutching various spider plants. J.

Afternoon all!
Yippee, it is NOT snowing here. I will be able to get out into the GH without freezing to death.

Not only a bus pass Bunny but I had to prove I have a state pension  And no - none will now see that photo unless they are working for immigration or a bus driver

Thank you for saying that - 2nd person today who didn't think i was old enough and it wasn't the person at the council

Visitors coming this Thursday till Friday - means I'll miss drowning this week

Jean - These seed discs, I only have my cold GH. Do you think they would work if I covered them with clingfilm till germination and tucked them up with fleece and hung them in GH??

Jean Genie

Afties  No snow here either thank goodness. Still cold outside though. Hard to believe it's the first day of Spring tomorrow . I always thought it was the 21st of March.

Good haul there Bjay .  Jo , I'm seriously considering this online shopping lark - you and Gary seem to be quite taken with it.

I need an extension. Babies everywhere.