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I feel so much better just for having got some things started. A potter about does wonders for my sanity!
I need some more compost now though. (My OH always asks got some last year!)

I planted up my pack of Mirabilis. I haven't grown these before but at 89p for a pack of 5 roots, worth a try. They looked very much like carrots that were well past their prime! Will have to see what happens!

I see Flobear and acouple of Forkers were confused, so I posted

Bunny ...
Well what a mess ....

Chicken &potato soup...made and eaten
Cheese soda bread ,,.half eaten
Roasted Tom, pepper, basil, mozzarella and bacon quiche for tonight
Beef and ale stew for tomorrow
Choc and coffee olive oil cake decorated with jam and choc butter cream

Kitchen looks like a bomb dropped .... ...anyone fancy cleaning up ?


Gary Hobson

I think there are a few people who do like a bit of controversy. We all know about 'Christopher'. GG has her own MOB thread - where a lot of people who like to argue can moan about whatever they like.

One of the really useful features on this site is the 'ignore' button. So if someone iritates you, and some people do, you can very easily dismiss them. You're in control of what you see - not them. Being able to ignore individuals prevents cyber-bullying. And I have 'ignored' the person who started that thread.


Nola - I grew cleome last year and having another go this. Packet says it ikes variation in temeperature and cooler nights so I think I left it in garage - not that warm but sunny and off propagator.

Will be interested in knowing how roma turn out as well.

Round your house for dinner then is it Bunny?


Just a word on this-indulge me-I always feel we have welcomed all that have decided to join in on here-but if people start new threads virtually duplicating what is already here then little gangs and cliques are set up -which creates disharmony and also put off newcomers-the MOB rants I thought was going to be funny sometimes it is but is just general moaning-so have given up on that-and left them to it

It will get to a point where the whole point of a GW forum will get lost

This will now be read by sone who lurk


Now Bunny are you feeding the 5000?-what brought this on?

Pennine Petal
I'm home, I seem to have missed something? Only looked at this page so far, will have to have a look back.

Lovely drive to work this morning in the sunshine, has stayed all day in Huddersfield, but overcast and wet in Rossendale. Oh well.
Deanos Diggin It
I lurk!

And have read!

Gary, I start work at 4am!

And I don't venture much from here, only for a quick read!

Aftie's All!
Pennine Petal
OK read back, got the picture, we see! I did say good morning, thought it was a bit odd, now going back on to there to see what you said Geoff.

Afternoon Dean-how was your day?

Did you see any more snow Glyn?-more in forecast

Deanos Diggin It
Yeah! Sound Geoff "cheers"

And bagged a few goodies!


Bunny ...
Geoff keeping ones mind busy and stress free , there are 5000 of us here ya know
Trying to rain now

How come your get all this stuff?


Geoff you're never going to win on 'tother thread. bigsighsmiley.

Am cracking on with the house plants. It started to rain abit earlier so washing back inside, but didnt last-typical. A fleece sheet handy to cover plants & am trotting back & forth muttering about pot sizes & covers & gettting on with most of them. Will leave the jasmine as in full flower still/again & daughter's orchid, though will do that soon then she can it have to look after. Ditto the 'triffid' which is an Hoya rescued from MIL greenhouse, pruned to bring back in hand luggage on the plane & is sooo healthy that it needs to feel stressed before it'll produce flower spikes. At least daughter has windowsills suitable for them all.

Only 2 diffenbachias to go! J.

Pennine Petal
Not even a flurry Geoff, I can even see some blue sky through the window now, the sun shine has managed to push the clouds up over the Pennines.

Desperately need to get in the garden, lots of cutting back and tidying to do, done hardly anything yet. I need to retire,

Did I miss how Sue's first day was, speed read through the posts I had missed.
Miss Becks

Have just put in a huge Lasagne! Jess's latest fad. Good job I love it!