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Pennine Petal
That'll do nicely, Becks! Are you going to count us down?

In the kitchen!! Noway around here either. Hope you do a good clean up before your OH returns Dean.

Have just swept up mess in greenhouse despite the potting sheet I use- no idea where it came from, but very useful as has corners to trap all the bits & then gets folded up & shoved back into shed. Have slung the fleece sheet over the geriatric spider plants which are now residing down there. If they cope shall use them as gap fillers in the border somewhere. Got babies all over & next generation now in lounge.

Off to reheat my meal now otherwise will open the biscuits...... J.

clogherhead wrote (see)

Afternoon all , Figrat .are you going to leave your new raised beds stacked ( nice paint job by the way) if you have the space you can knock the pin out of the hinge and join each of the boxes together an make one long bed .

Cheers Derek

Well that's an idea...but I thought for this year I'd dot them singly round the garden and see how I get on with them.Thought I'd do peas 'n' beans in one, brassicas in another and toms and courgettes in the third. There's a very nice Freecycle  lady just down the A38 who always has loads of well rotted horsepoo, got 5 bags last Autumn, so will borrow Bloke's truck again and get a few more. I've also got a dalek and a half full of my own compost, and a dumpy bag of leaf mould, so I hope I won't have to buy in anything to fill the beds.

Bloke's under strict instructions to keep his eyes peeled for any more! 


I like lasagne as well please Becks - OH doesn't like it

Oh Bev aneamia - yuk, eat plenty of Becks lasagne then

I grew cleome last year mixed in the garden with cosmos, they complimented each other quite well. I had never heard of them until i saw a picture in amagazine and tough they were strange enough to try - don'tneed dead heading - have sowed some earlier in the week


Oh and I know it's a bit early, but Happy Easter.




It will be time for Easter names-just for a few days


Piccie time

Fish speeding through pristine tank.

 Purchased today at GC - had to walk past lots of planty temptation. NB It matches my socks.

 Faithful old retainer that is being replaced. Below left star is row of rust holes, below right star is a long hole which will cause the bottom to fall out fairly soon.





I have just had my 4th raised bed - still not constructed - I have barssicas (seem to prefer chicken pooh) peas and beans (seem to prefer manure and compost and roots - they don't like rich soil, currently roots seem to be garlis and rred onions (I lost the plot there ai think)

New bed will be for cougettes and squash as they seem to take alot of space (novice at these) Currebt panic is how am I going to fill it

Pottie Pam

Guessed where Dean works. Clue: a big river.

What time is dinner Bunny?


Wayayay Flo has a great wheelbarrow They will have to meet

Thank goodness fire has just decided it will flame, soon be warm, think we have damp wood

Apologies about spelling in that message


I like to see that Flo co-ordinates garden gear to match the equipment

You dont want a star bottom to fall out

Lyn is that a good germination rate for cleome?


Hah! Another view of my back passage!

 This is looking up from the house, the gates onto the street are open so that green rectangle's the front door of a house on the other side of the street. The line of daleks on the left are my compost bins, and further up are 2 dumpy bags - one's full of last year's leaves which are breaking down, theother's full of the previous year's and are ready to go on the garde, The dalek on the right is half full of old potting compost, I've planted 3 rhubarb crowns in there to force, should be able to make a crumble or 2 soon.




  What might happen after a wheelbarrow rendezvous?

 Aaah, cute

Bunny ...
Could be 8ish tonight ...Mr Bunny still toiling away

No rhubarb here choc cake and ice cream

Hmmm Dont think you'll be there by next week geoff ...why Valencia anyway ?

Wheelbarrow central ...and matching socks ...perfect !
Wow gleaming tank :h
Bunny ...
It's a tidy back passage considering its size figrat

my back passage is full of unwanted stuff, every now and then I give it a good clear out but it doesnt seem to be as full as it normally is this time of year. I found an old suitcase up there last year..