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Caz W wrote (see)

I do behave myself at all times mind   Anyway - my cucumbers are up



Bunny ...
Do they get enough of what the need in ya back passage though caz ?
Caz W

That's for me to know and you to guess Derek

Bunny - I think I need to bring them back into the light now

Miss Becks

Good Lord!! I wish the sun would bloody hurry up and come out for good! It's turning people grumpy and spiteful, being cooped up for months. It's kicking off on MOB rants thread now.

Where is the love???



Is anybody growing melons?


Back again, gosh you wrote a lot since I did! Next I'm going to look at the fake Forkers thing, which I noticed this morning but didn't have time to look at properly.

Lots of talk about Figrat's back passage, I used to be a nurse so you can imagine how I feel about it!!! I have a trundly thingy like Figrat too, very useful for weeding when I'm kneeling on my mat.

Had chicken and leek (garden) pie and now OH and friend who's staying (who sings and plays piano) have gone off to choir together. Peace, and a lot of catching up to do.

But I did get time this afternoon to go to GH (poured rain) and pot up 10 dahlias and sow more French marigolds, zinnias, nasturtiums and asters (for veg garden for cutting for in house). 

Bunny ...
Hehe caz . I havnt grown this year , did really well last yr, think il get some plugs ....completely neglected in greenhouse hehe.

Sing a long now ...where is the love ......

Maybe we need a group hug ((((((((HUGGGGGGGGGGG)))))))))))
Mine are the same size that they have always been Geoff,
Miss Becks wrote (see)

I have to share my passage with the neighbours!

OH's little house alleyway set up is shared with at least 4 houses. Very disconcerting having strangers from up the road wandering past the back door/window, neither having frosted glass. So breakfast taken with the blinds pulled well down. People have to pull all the wheely bins through everybody elses' garden to get to their own space, each garden having 2 side gates.

I suppose if you imagine a T shape set up, OH has the first house on RHS & immediate neighbour the first on LHS. It's apparently quite a common set up around there with a row of terrace houses. J.

Bunny ...
I don't like melons myself
Miss Becks

Wasn't laughing at you then Lizzie. Was laughing at Pams melons growing!




sotongeoff wrote (see)

Sweetheart Pam?


Caz W

I'm growing round courgettes


OMG you lot!

Totally lost the plot here. So s l o w at thinking & typing so giving up tonight. J.