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Nothing worse than having strangers wandering round near your backdoor 


I am growing long aubergines - Pingtung Long


A lot of innuendo going on here amongst the girlies

Bunny ...
Will Pam get her melons on page 3 like Liz though

Went onto other forkers - lot of sniping - wrote along post for it, thought I don't want this so never pressed submit

Brian looks a Derek type can we talk to him?? 

Just had a pot of melon pieces - lovely


Bunny ...
I'm growing joe's long chilli

Sorry Geoff , come on in ...we shall behave
Caz W



I'm growing round yellow ones

Wish I'd not posted that now as well - 

Bunny ...
Grubs up troops yourselves ....
Thought I was growing sweet peppers. But one's definitely a sweet pea. How does that happen?
Verdun wrote (see)
I think there's room for both threads. Fork handles will always be there..although I rarely contribute to it I always read it. It's brilliantly different...unique even.

Thanks verdun - we try


Sweet pea-more toilet talk


Brian,sounds a likeable chap do ya not think ,,,,,,,,????????????????


Gary Hobson

For telly addicts -coming up on BBC2 at 8pm - How (not) to run a garden centre.

Just started.

Miss Becks

Crazy peeps. Taking madam up to bed.



Yes Derek-he does

Having to record Holby-OH gone swimmimg


Just nipped back- OH says they are called 'chunnels' around NEast Derbyshire. Byee again, J.

Hmmm chunnels...have to admit am very happy with my back passage!
Gary Hobson

Also been wondering why people with big egos apparently don't want to join in this thread.

I think it's because they want to be the big fish, and if they join in here they won't be. So they want to start a separate thread - where they hope they will be the big fish.


Evening, Forkers.

Haven't ketchupped on all your posts, but I'm not averse to a double entendre.....

Innuendo - isn't that an Italian suppository?

I'll get me gardening coat.........