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For the attention of Lyon continued:

are happy, you've made a 'fake forker' leave, but you've actually made two leave, because I certainly don't wish to be part of a community where it is acceptable to be rude and downright nasty over a mistake. Honestly one toe out of line and you're all over it like a fly on poo.

(Sorry to everyone else, but my blood is literally boiling here.) Brumbull has only ever posted help and wanted to chat, I certainly won't sit back and allow someone to post a load of ugly supposition about him, same as I wouldn't for any member, forker or otherwise.


Bunny, when you've been size 10 most of your life then size 14 feels fat, especially when you live in the slimmest country in Europe. I'm bigger boned than most French women too. Clothes shops here only go up to size 16 and that's often out of stock. They start at size 6.

Gary Hobson

Placed my weekly order with Tesco yesterday morning, for delivery tomorrow.

Have just received an E-mail with £5 off voucher. They call it an evoucher. My order wasn't big. It amounts to 10% off the order. Vouchers can be applied to orders already in the pipeline. So thank you very much.

Bunny ...
Liz I was 10 too , but for me to be 10 now makes me look ill in the face ....tried it ..didn't appeal. The French are a different build , different species exercise is the best way to change shape and keep weight steady

Sun has appeared here



lol how did I guess I was on ignore!!!

Gary Hobson

I'm not trying to drive anyone away. Quite the contrary. And if I've offended anyone then I apologize.

But I do still maintain that the use of the term Forkers in caps in that thread title was controversial  and provocative - that's how it was interpreted by me. The simple fact is that it has caused a lot of aggro.

I'm not going to get drawn into any arguments.

I had no idea that Forkers were a exclusive group . I fond the references on here to Fake Forkers most objectionable I posted early on the Morning Forkers thread as I'm up early and it seemed like a good idea - it's impossible for someone with my commitments to keep up with this thread during the week. I've tried to keep put of this spat but it seems that some ate keen to keep it going. Why so territorial?
On most forums the Chat thread is open to all to pop on and out of - Fork Handles has become a bit cliquey what with name changing etc at Christmas I found it very difficult but stuck with it and kept popping in occasionally, reasoning that you probably all just got carried away with the fun of it and didn't realise how it feels to most of us.
However the comments on here make it appear as if the exclusivity is intentional which is very sad. I'm at work and on my phone so will close now and hope you can all get together and sort it put - but I have to tell you this is spoiling the Board for me far more than the troll episode
Jean Genie

As it's the first day of Spring which symbolises new beginnings and a whole new growing year , I vote we all put our differences behind us and get on with the job in hand.

After all, we're all singing from the same hymn sheet aren't we ? Our love of of all things growing.


I ahve posted a'good morning' on other thread and done what it says listed what I am doing today.

On this thread I hope I will continue to chat.

So today I am going to Webbs of Wychbold which is big GC just about where Droitwich is. we don't go very often, great for Christmas shopping. Today I am going armed with my border list and hope it doesn't work out too pricey - 20% off week

Murky here and OH says chilly

Bunny ...
Seems like another grumpy forum day hoped spring would cheer folk up ...appears not
Gary Hobson

We do want to be happy Bunny. We're doing our best.

I suppose it's possible that the awful miserable weather outside is influenced, in some supernatural way, by what's going on here. Perhaps by sympathetic magic.

Or are we miserable and grumpy because of the weather - would we be here, squabbling like this, if it was a lovely day outside?

Is it spring yet? thoght i had overslept and it was winter again. Im so fed up with the bl...... weather.

Jean Genie

There is a lot of truth in your post, Gary It's where the old saying comes from - ''feeling under the weather ''

Negative and positive ions.

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!!

Still unrest in the house I see.

Pam, I would love to know your lasagne recepie. I have a basic idea what to do.

Spring probably would cheer us up Bunny if it looked and felt like Spring outside!

Asda due to deliver between 2pm and 4pm. Ordered lots of meat this week. Gonna try new ways of cooking stuff. Think I've been watching too much 'Come Dine With Me'!



I'm happy, don't want to get drawn in after the upset last week. Going to wrap up warm, as GC mean we'll be out side

Miss Becks
Did you see your message Bjay? The seeds arrived. Thankyou. X
I am swaddled up like a very swaddled up thing. Just popped in for a coffee and crumpets. Will try and post pics of raised beds in situ later. Lovely and sunny out there, but no heat in it!
Bunny ...
Maud maybe if we all close our eyes and wish hard enough spring sunshine and warmth will appear .... Can but hope

Too much dwelling going on in my opinion .....

Sounds good becks , do we get to mark points

Rosa hope you have a list and can stick to it

Think I shall change my profile ....
Pottie Pam

Morning all,

Hope everyone kisses and makes up. I agree that the weather may be to blame for a bit of grumpiness. 

I'm a Tesco Delivery virgin and awaiting my first order between 11am and 1.00pm.

I usually go shopping once a week with my daughter but her car is poorly so thought I'd give the delivery a go. Was so easy even for a dummy like me so I might keep to this way of shopping in future.

There's two greater spotted woodpeckers getting very friendly in the pine trees so they must think it's Spring.