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Gardening Grandma

I must have a very naughty streak - have already read this morning about protecting your prized assets and bottom heat. having spent two hours yesterday at a huge funeral sitting on an extremely uncomfortable pew, I know all about bottom heat! 

Sue H
Morning all. Daffs in my garden - a few out. Lots of tete a tete. Also another called jetfire - lovely.
Off for dreaded injection in wrist this morning!!
Bunny ...
Piccies sue ... ...not of the injection though , good luck with it pain free soon I hope

Morning to the Early Brigade and the Very Early Brigade - not forgetting those who about 8 hours behind

Dull and coldish though no evidence of frost. In the balmy south, roadside daffs are out. Used to brighten my day on the way to school of a morning. Each drift has a different variety to give a long flowering period.

GG, prized assets, bottom heat   double-entrendres-r-us  

Sue, you will need a soothing treat after your injection  Cake? Plant? Other indulgence?



Morning all. Don't know what the weather is like today, clouds (some white some black) patches of blue, glimpses of sun. Yesterday started sunny then changed it's mind. Going to see daughter for weekend. Garden getting behind, mainly because of weather. Pruning not finished. New bed not started. Pile of ironing waiting.

Miss Bateman

Morning, beautiful sunny day here, cold wind though! Day off today, think will start of dhalias in pots some are already sprouting in the bag!

Hava good day everyone

Miss B X

Bunny ...
Have a lovely day Liz and Miss B ... Liz il send over my ironing if you like

Morning All

I'm exhausted writing good morning on all the different threads

Today BIL comes with wife which is great, will have adrop of wine or 3 as well. So I will have no time for gardening. Clean house this morning 

Cook this afternoon . Hope That will at least be able to look around garden and maybe get some ideas off SIL - she's really good at growing from seed.

So maybe pop in a bit this morning but not then until tomorrow. I will need a resume tomorrwo

Bunny ...
****slurrrrrrrrp**** enjoy the wine
Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

Today is looking a bit more hopeful! Bits of blue sky showing, which the sun keeps popping in and out of. Think I might actually get some work done out there today.

Caz W

Morning Forkers - I'm early today - Mid Morning Brigade   Weather wet & windy so onwards and upwards with next batch of seed sowing today and maybe make a cake .  Can I send my ironing too Liz?

Hope your injection wasn't too painful Sue and does the trick

I see BJay will be a bit the worse for wear by tonight

Caz W

Morning Becks - didn't see you sneak in there


" I'm exhausted writing good morning on all the different threads "

He he he Caz!  I think natural selection will soon kick in and the strongest shall remain. I like your cheerful attitude to the matter

Wet and nasty here. Have just pottered indoors, dogs waiting to go out - not sure I can face a wet walk



Hey, when I said I had a pile of ironing I didn't mean I'd do everyone else's! Mine's bad enough!

Caz W

Morning Geoff    Is it ball-bashing weather today?


Morning Mr Sunshine - where's the sun then? And morning to all the mid-morningers!

I'm going to make coffee now  and just for devilment, take a piccie of the rain  just in case we get a hose pipe ban later and forget what rain is

Miss Becks

I'm good at sneaking Caz.


Hardly likely Flo!!! Morning Geoff, you look perky this morning!