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Caz W

What are you looking at Liz?




My wheelbarrow's getting wet and I haven't even used it yet



Gggranvillle-ffffetch your cloth...........


Gary Hobson

Mr Tesco has been. It's a bit like Christmas, unpacking all your goodies.

And the sun has come out  - that should raise the temperature in GH (which was -1 last night). So some little plants which I brought into the house can have an afternoon outside.


Just popped in on a tea break - morning Geoff - pleased to see you 

I've done the bathroom, downstairs loo (yuk) dusted every where, rubbed dirty fingerprints off all paint work Can't think who does that

Making cheese cake next, then vacuum, then I'll be so exhausted I'll be asleep when they arrive

Flo I felt like that about mine, now ir's had manure and goodness knows what in it  and it's still great


Morning, just, all.

Back from my 2 mile round trip to Morrisons. Takes for ever though as keep meeting folk & chatting en route. B cold out there, sun shining, yes a frost first thing, but with the wind washing out & flapping well.

Good luck Bjay. I'm usually being Mrs Mop the day before nurse arrives, ie today, but did it all earlier in week this time.

Think will change into scruffs & well wrap up to finally go & sort out the pot saucers. They just need a stiff brush over/out & then will have morer space in greenhouse.

1st shoots on the big dahlias & my chocolate cosmos. Wonder which 2 dahlias they are? At least the posh German named one, daughter's bargain at £5, is also starting.

Right snack lunchtime & get busy. J.


Cheescake in oven  - My latest speciality nad low fat, never worked out the points though

Star vacuum when buzzer has gone. 

(sigh) Although not a brilliant day it is a day when things can be done (sigh)

Oh and I want to play with my new toy - haevy duty staple gun - 


Low fat cheesecake Bjay? Is it made with mostly cottage cheese?


Cheesecake? cheesecake?--what next-garlic bread. garlic flaming bread

The Doctor

Amber weather warning issued for rain in Cornwall

It was really sunny yesterday, could of done with the day off in compensation for the rain


Miss Becks

I've relised I've bought to many seed potatoes for the room I have to plant them. Do you think doubling up a couple of charity bags would work? Or are they too light in colour, and would let light to the growing potatoes and turn them green.

Geoff, it's the future!

Quick pop in, snack then off to painting class.
Better dash, I shall be arriving nearlyish on time.
Have a good afternoon.
Sunny here
Snow forecast for later



Becks that is a good point-can you not use black dustbin liners instead?

Hi Nola- bye Nola

Jean Genie

  Been to hairdressers. Hate it. Not at all therapeutic for me. Just get bored . Is it safe to come back now ?

Hi Dan and Miss B - long time no hear

Mr Mystical orange balls - I need a pretty accurate forecast for Saturday please if you are around . Need to do some more digging in new border to bury electricall whatnots and put the smaller waterfeature at the back of the garden. Could do with a nice day.

Hope everyone's fine and dandy . We have a lovely sunny day here.

Miss Becks

Ooh, yeah, that would work I should think.


Points for cheese cake 6 a slice - not as low as I thought but I suppose it could be made lower by a point ir 2 

Vacuumng done - break for lunch- then to get changed

Want to play in the garden though


Is your house a tip usually Bjay-is the Queen coming as well?