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Deanos Diggin It

Last tray bottom soaked! 

I'm gone! 

Goodnight All! 

The Doctor

I have been playing around with photoshop on my laptop and I think i have come up with the logo for this group

 Hope you like

Bunny ...
Soaking bottoms

Night dean

Excellent dan
The Doctor

I managed to come out of it unharmed Petal.


Caz W


Bunny ...
I can't work those photoshop things ... Too impatient

It's great to get kids involoved in things at a young age and more so gardening no doubt Jess will keep you right Becks. 

Bunny ...
Wonder what Jess will have you onto next Becks
Miss Becks

No doubt she will Andy! But this is the best time. Bed Time!! Taking her up. Catch you all in a bit!

Night Deano!

Bunny ...
Chaenomeles speciosa 'Geisha Girl'......
Flowering quince

Saw one of these today , mum really liked . Anyone got one of similar? I don't have one to know what they are like growing . Do they grow against something , or shrub like ? trying to think where it could be for in her garden .

On the home page bit ... Can't link with me iploddd
Could post out to cyber alley .....

I've mostly seen them growing against something, Bunny. Had one against a fence (ooh, Matron!) at a place I rented once - they seem pretty bomb proof.

Bunny ...
Steady on against that it firm ....

hmmmmmm stood trying to remember sun areas ...haha good job dog and OH asleep. She has a bare fence perfect spot !! Have also found a rose her name whooooop


Caz W

G'night Geoff


There have been loads of posts and I haven't had a single email all evening. What is going on? And I started writing this one and the page jumped and it disappeared. The writing is still tiny. But it looks like it's time to say goodnight. I wonder if it will be OK in the morning.


Grunt night Geoffers old bean.

Bunny I have a white chaenomeles which has flowered its socks off for many many years. It's grown against a trellis in a raised bed. I tried to espalier it - sort of but ove the years it has more and more done its own thing. Chucks up loads of new shoots from the bottom now but easy enough to keep in check. It produces a few fruits in Autumn too.


Dan - impressively fab logo