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Bunny ...
That's it Glyn agree with the yuck

I can send you some huskies from here jean ...get ready ... We havnt enough snow for them yet

Good morning All ,heavy sheeting feckin rain again it didn't stop all night



Bunny ...
Morning Derek and Dave

Wonder if Becks greenhouse survived last night ... **pondering smiley**


Bunny ...
WOWWWWWWWWW Dove ....doesn't that cut it down a bit !!!! , need thingy on computer to flash up every morning as a countdown ....heeeeeeeeeeeee
Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

I think I'm growing fins and gills.

Talking about huskies, have you watched the clip on YouTube about the polo bears and huskies playing? (Too much of a dummy to post the link) One of the most incredible things I've seen. The huskies are chained up and the bears are starving waiting for the ice to form so they can hunt. Instead of eating the dogs they play and scientists say the play instinct is stronger than the hunger instinct.


Morning all.

What I'm missing more than bigger text (which can be changed with ctrl +) are the emails to say someone has written to a thread that I'm interested in. Now I have to search through latest posts.

Spring has sprung in Dordogne! This must be why people move south. 11° sunny, 19° forecast for this afternoon. No frosts for next week, but I'll believe that when I see it!

Off to my daughter's, near Poitiers, after lunch, for the weekend. Hope the site is back to normal when I get back.


Morning Bunny,

will have to wait and see what were the winds like where you are


Pennine Petal
Just been out to clear the car, wind howling and swirling the snow around. Road looks OK. Birds looking for food, it's all covered with snow. They'll have to wait until I get back.
Miss Becks

Merry Christmas Lovelies!!!

Yes, I know, but what the bloody hell happened last night!! Went to bed and all was normal, woke up to a winter wonderland! And it's still coming down!

Not a happy bunny, although at least the snow on my greenhouse roof weighted it down.

Are we all being punished for partying too hard??

Anyways, hope you all stay safe if you have the same, and have to travel.

Bunny ...
Ohhh Pam ....... I do like fish

I've been to Poitiers , will there be nice food and wine this weekend ?

Drive careful Glyn.

Derek winds were wild but nothing unusual here tbh , had it much much worse.

Impressed Dove ...impressed !
Bunny ...
morning becks ..pleased greenhouse stayed put , bugger that it was due to snow though
Miss Becks

I know it was coming, but thought it would be just a dusting!


Bunny ...
Looks like we got the dusting ...and still dusting you'll be able to play in it today though
Gary Hobson

For those in the Midlands beware that considerably more snow, and lower temperatures, are forecast through tomorrow.

My electricity meter is normally read in the second week of April - not looking forward to that.

Bunny ...
Derek I havnt mentioned spam

Oh Gary ... I don't want any moving up here ...can we send it out to sea perhaps
Gary Hobson

Have just had a look at today's Radio Times, preview of tonight's GW...

"As temperatures rise Monty starts preparing for Spring..... Joe Swifts creates a tropical garden...."

Doesn't feel very tropical right now.

Bunny ...
***snort & snigger*** Gary maybe they think if they do gardening for the hot weather ...the weather will follow suit

Just been to recycling bank ....omg blizzard, freeeeeeeeeezing wind , hibernation beckons