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What have I missed this morning Bunny?

Bunny ...

Not much Geoff ...alllllll pretty dullard

Bunny ...

hmmm appears south cumbria has had 15cm of snow, and just over border 10cm  weve got none


G'day all

What have I missed about spam and gremlins? This is printing out really small'

Woke up today with garden under water (again), but covered in snow hills looking alpine and oh so cold and windy. Visitors have just left on their way to Devon .

Traffic reports for there are not good

What's this Path????



10 minutes of snow on the news-the world has ended

Bunny ...
Just spoke to mum ...30min drive west ...been snowing all night and hasn't stopped yet

Evacuating up here

Your bowels??-what scaredyou?

The Doctor

Afternoon me ansomes,

The sun is shining now here in Truro after half of the north atlantic falling out of the sky. (Whales in all) so it looks like I survived the end of the world again.


Bunny ...

Not me geoff .... places coz of the snow Dan says end of the world ..


..hope no whales hit you on the head Dan, messy

Miss Becks

Well I can see I've missed naff all while I've been gone!


Why is there asmiley face on my post when I don't think I put it there??

Sorry everyone who felt it misplaced - I do!

I am now going to look at these smilies

No Christmas I see.

I only have 5 follwed threads and oddly one of those is not Fork Handles (puzzled smillie)

Bunny ...

No not much becks,

Ive meade enough brews to flood the bunny household (to keep warm)

Geoffs had brekky in bed again

Dans been playing with the whales

Rosa under water so cant read small print


oh and everyones off up the garden path...

Bunny ...

Just thought you wanted to lick the path Rosawho was I to comment on your tastes


Bunny ...

I'l have a P please Bob


That smiley comes up whem you copy path and the rest

viola Path


I feel very confused, but then I often am

Grim here,

I hope teats/exam goes well Sue/

Cheanomeles is hardy and stron I have 3 a white one , a pink and a red. they are as yet only babies. Best grown up a fence but can be trained for whereever and whatever you want

See you were hovering over a cooking pot again , last night Bunny

Bunny ...

Has everyone started drinking without me


Always hovering over a warm pot me