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If the weather stays like this much longer we will all be in the pub with goldi having a good old knees up sing song

Deanos Diggin It

Still here! But OH home now safe!

BREATH OUT! lock the doors! The day is done! I'm Orf! 

Bunny ...
Awww good news dean , time to relax ...enjoy the night
Bunny ...
Maybe a bit of...

""Knees up muvver brown ""

Finished an egg cosy, like abobble hat, OH laughed and said she is too young for it. Next will have ago at the duck

Fire just not heating us up tonight


sotongeoff wrote (see)

Pass the naan...

 you did mean nan??

Bunny ...
Noooooooo Geoff , dean was sharing .....

Rosa it wood burner ? What do you use to light ? Wood damp ? Coal on ?
Sue H
All my posts keep disappearing! !
Miss Becks

Just had a lovely Bath!! All squeaky clean again.

Bunny ...
Ee ee ee ee ee ee I used to have bath in fairy liquid as a kid

Pizza gone in oven ...see how it turns out not made own before this way
Sue H wrote (see)
All my posts keep disappearing! !
Not guilty m'lady

 You did mean pots??

Bunny ...
Ohhhhh sue what are you doing mine just the same for me

Eaten some mince I found lurking in the freezer with basmatti rice. Wazzed up some sourdough to prove overnight - it's looking a bit sad, but tomorrow is another day, innit?

Interesting pub people are.......interesting. It amuses me, as it is the only social life I have, mostly, Landlady and I have a laugh, and the others are harmless. It did get a bit fruity this afternoon, which had me in stitches - I think some folk thought I should have been shocked! Oh dear, I am such a disappointment to people........

Bunny ...
Horse mince goldi ?

Hehe I know the pub
Bunny ...
Hellllloooooo bunny alone again



Finshed Duck except for beak.

Wood burner, had trouble with it a few weeks ago, fiddled with it and been OK. Don't think this is damp wood but will give it a fiddle tomorrow when not a light(hot) and hope it's oK.

Ended up turning radiator on before we froze 

Pleased you enjoyed yourself after abad week Goldi

Bunny ...
Does it have bricks inside ? Flu ? So many different ...we have a morso squirrel

Forgot we had knocked heating off and went for shower ...froze to death almost before getting dressed

Did you eat duck feet

I should be developing duck feet living around here!

Trying to interpret destuction manual for the new camera.....maybe I should leave it until tomorrow. I have finally managed to set the time and date. Taken a pic of my living room. Tomorrow is another day......


No I don't think it's got the flu, It's not got a temperature like it should have with the flu

Son has a Morso Badger. This is a Handel 50

It's wood only - son thought we may have blocked air vents. Will give it a clean again.

Perhaps i need a chimney sweep type man