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Sue H
Sending OH to fire shop tomorrow
Bunny ...
Just buy online , you'd have got it by now .
Sue H
I know. Silly me
Just eaten a curry - mouth on fire!!
Son just gone to bed. Daughter staying at friends. Going to have a coffee now. Had enough wine.

Just taken grandson to the ferry after a lovely 5 day visit. It was a gorgeous sunny day today--he even cleaned the gutters, bless him. My dog Inka keeps looking for him--loved those long daily walks in the woods!

He stacked all the logs he could, the rest need to be split--way too heavy to lift!

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Only about an inch of snow overnight , but very cold, and staying that way.

Am envious of those of you who have wood-burning fires. I'm always cutting down big branches, and seem to have a continual supply of (green) wood - but I use electricity for heating and have a huge electricity bill.

Though for the cost of installing a wood-burner, I could use an awful lot of electricity.

I'm surprised that more people don't grow their own fuel. I'd have thought that willows are compact and quick growing, and their ought to be some way of doing it.



Good morning all 

I know some people who do grow their own Gary, but you need a fair sized bit of land .  When we had a smallholding the overgrown hedgerows kept our solid fuel Rayburn going for quite a few years and that heated the whole mill house where we lived, but if we'd planted enough to keep us supplied after the hedgerows had all been properly laid, we'd have not had enough  meadowland left for the stock

We've got a bit of snow this morning, nothing like other parts of the country, but it's bitterly cold and the ground is frozen, so a day indoors doing paperwork and baking beckons ....


Good Morning 

No snow here but the wind would cut you in two so back into the greenhouse this morning always find plenty to do. Went shopping to Morrisons last night and bought 6 Paula Jane fuchsia plugs for £2 and also 6 Salmon trailing petunia plugs £2 was very tempted to buy a Salix Caprea Kilmarnock for £8 which really looked great might go back and get one.

Morning folks
Tempted by a few hot pepper plugs yesterday even though it's really too early for them

Good morning Geoff  Sun's shining here  Is this the beginning of the end of winter?????

Just when I've got a load of stuff to do indoors?????


Pennine Petal
Morning all, did you burn your hands Verdun???

OH going out to dig out the car after the snow plough pushed all the snow up against it. Deciding factor on whether we're off out and about today. Cold and windy, some great snow drifts sculpted in the garden.
Jean Genie

Morning  We haven't had any more snow overnight but it's baltic out there . Roads clear thanks to snow plough but it's not thawed much at all .

Spent yesterday afternoon pricking out a lot of babies and I'm now rapidly running out of room . Thought I'd been very good this year and only sowed a few seeds out of each packet but judging from what's germinated , I must have given them an extra shake.

More to do today, Sweet Sultan and Rudbeckia. Also set some spider asters off yesterday and some more cosmos.

Good haul Andy  Aldi also have some good plug plants in at the mo.

Off to feed the birds. Catch you all later.

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies.

Looks like I'm the only one still having snow at the moment. Jess should be at a birthday party at 10am, but it's a few miles away from here, so she's not going as the roads round here are awful. I won't drive in the snow.

I hope it stops today.


Morning all, hope everyone is well and not too snowed under!

Have just found an exellent method to keep cats out of the garden on youtube:

Will definitely be trying this out, but will use Voltaren liniment to rub into the teabags!


Morning all, latish starter today. Had a bit of a lie-in after yesterday's exertions. No weather here at all. Wish it would up just a bit so I could go outside and get on with digging new chicken ranch.

Ambridge minibus is waiting. Must go.  Waves as bus departs ~ ~


Pennine Petal
Becks, it supposed to be passing through, not that it helps with the party. I'll wave from the M6.

Happy Daffodil Sunday, All

Well it should be, The local big house opens its grounds once a year for the public to go in and look at what I understand to be amazing daffodil display and spring gardens. HUH

Last year it was cancelled because of the drought This year well - still well under snow.

Has not snowed overnight but freezing out there. There was a nuthatch on the bird food this morning. And I have jusy used the last of the sunflower hearts and ird seed.

Have cleared pathways from back door to garage (tumble dryer) and to GH, but I don't think I'll be thee today.

The wood we burn is our own Gary, from when we cleared the garden, next winter I think we'll have to buy some although we have ahd abit donated from those around who have trees cut down or branches lopped.

Will try and find a picture of the pile.

Miss Becks

Passing through Glyn!! I'm glad my visitors don't 'pass through' for this long, or I'd be moving house!! I'll chuck you a slice of cake as you pass!


 Here is OH with our wood pile. It is a lot smaller now, But was all fro our garden when we cleared it

PS it's just started snowing

The potty gardener

Morning all.All I intend to do today is watch shopping channels gardening programs and catch up on my reading of gardening mags.

I have to take My kitty, Fizzy to be microchipped. She is not going to be too happy!!

Have a good day all