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I am now going to clean and sort out wood burner. Hope it behaves itself later


Done wood burner =???????Where is everybody?

Written out a knitting pattern copyright meant I couldn't save it

Stopped snowing for the moment

Back soon as I think I'm talking to myself

Rosa means you won't fall out with anybody when talking to yourself.  

Deanos Diggin It

Morning All (Just)

No outside activity possible today,  so shall do some potting on


I'm here-just about to look at a ceiling

Where is bonkers-bunny today?


Caz W

Morning all (just)!  BJay's talking to herself - makes a change from Bunny   How's the knitting coming on BJay - we expect photos.  Had to laugh at your OH in photo - I thought my OH was the only one who always seems to have slippers on in the garden

Gary Hobson

I've braved the elements and ventured out to the *cold* greenhouse.

Temperature inside GH is +3. Minimum last night was -1.

Also put out a second kettle of warm water, and another slice of crumbled bread, for the birdies.

Caz W

Geoff - are you just going to look at the ceiling or are you going to do something to it?

sotongeoff wrote (see)

I'm here-just about to look at a ceiling

Where is bonkers-bunny today?


Geoff, looking at a ceiling might have a different inference for the women amongst us  and then you talk about bonking bunnies!!! 

And on a Sunday too!!! 

That's a quick cuppa back to work in the greenhouse single out tomato and cauliflower plus marigolds and cosmos. Then pot the fuchsia's and petunia plugs i got last night maybe a trip to the GC for a look need more compost.

Sue H
Afternoon all. Been out in cold to take son to work. Had bacon and tom sandwich. Just having a sit down before rushing off again. Got to go buy shoes and trousers for new job tomorrow. Do some food shopping as the hours I am working this week are 4pm to 2am. So pretty unsocial!
Then got to go look after horses. Cook dinner. Make sure clothes are ready for week. See you all back here later
Good afternoon everyone
No snow left but it is flippin' freezing out there!!!! All I have managed to do is plant up 12 pots of Lilies - staying inside now!!! Brrrrrrr!!
Roast chicken dinner - apple crumble and custard for pud - looking forward to it
Pam LL x
Sue H
Roast chicken here too. Need to test my new cooker

Roast pork and apple sauce here - but we're eating later on in the day - too much to do to stop just yet 


Miss Becks

Same as Dove. We're having Roast Pork. My favourite!


OH has decided he will clean half of the ovens. How come then I was up there soaking and scrubbing the shelves and he was playing computer games

Incidentally - I Have never known him to even offer to clean oven. Had to dismantle sides for him, take out oven trays and soak them in a gravel tray (gardening comes in useful inall sorts of ways). He has now put cleaning stuff on door and base and has ripped my marigolds

I'm having a cup of tea to recover while the oven soaks

Think I prefer it when I just get on with it. At least I don't need help

Exasperated Bjay


Oh Bjay   D'you know, I think the chaps do domestic incompetence on purpose so we'll say 'Just leave it, I'll sort it out." My OH steadfastly refuses to clean the loo. He'll do the hand basin look all pleased with himself and expect gratitude. He has once or twice squirted blue stuff in the loo but then just flushes it and squirts more blue stuff

Caz W

... and then they say "I've cleaned the oven for you" or "I've cleaned the sink for you"


Yes they do Caz - you're so right.

Oops - d'you think we should transfer to the ranters thread?