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My boys wont let me on facebook I think its because I might read their mush.. little do they realise my OH reads it for me ha ha. I dont need facebook anyway not when Ive got you lot to chat to

Miss Becks

Funny you should say that, I hardly log into mine these days since I registered on here. I may pop in it, check for messages and scan a few status's, then log out again!


If it weren't for Facebook, I'd never know what my son is up to---but at least we play Scrabble on line every day. Old saying--"A son's your son til he takes him a wife/But a daughter's your daughter the rest of your life"-seems to be true--only I don't have a daughter!


A new day

The the sun is shining-

playing around first thing whilst it is dry

Gary Hobson

Tom Daley's first big afternoon today (3pm)... hope it doesn't end in tears.

How many photographers does it take to take one photo.

I watched a bit of nighttime beach volleyball last night. Quite some atmosphere. In fact Team GB (who been expected to be hopeless) won their match, against Canada, and the crowd went wild.


Jean Genie

I'm still reseaching about grafting. Found an arboriculture site last night and you can ask a question - so I did  then was told I had to pay £22. Do you think it could be a scam? . Haven't parted with any money yet. Determined to get to the bottom of it.

Totally random - someone lent me a David Icke book - always thought him to be a fruitcake.  The Biggest Secret it's called. Had a quick flick though last night - very strange book. Has anyone read this or am I wasting my time.

Won £2. 80. on euromillions so can't share - there are too many of you . Won't let it change my life.

May ring a tree surgeon today to have a look. ( Depending on cost of course - I've only got £2. 80. ! )

Gary Hobson

I doubt if that's necessarily a 'scam' (although it could be). I know that the National Apple Collection - Brogdale - will identify varieties of apple tree, by sending a sample, and they do charge, roughly that sort of fee.

I don't think a tree surgeon would have a clue. Surgeon is a misnomer, butcher would be more accurate.

Someone has already mentioned that the RHS can identify plants. Members only, so you'd have to join, but you wouldn't be wasting your money. They'd need a physical sample, or very good photos.

Have you exhausted all the free avenues of enquiry - for example, by carefully examining the leaves and shoots, and comparing them with the leaves and shoots of suspect trees.

Have not read any David Icke, though am aware of his history. He was a reporter on a local Coventry newspaper a long time ago, then went to the BBC, and subsequently became infamous - I wouldn't take any of his ideas seriously. If he's offering to tell you a secret, then it's not a secret, is it.


Morning all. I'm walking around today as car has gone to Dr Geoff for MOT and all that entails. Though there'll no doubt be lots of sitting for Lympic catch-up.

Jenny, I took early retirement from teaching. No children. Lots of rescue animals and a partner live with me. My poor garden, which I thought would get endless tlc once I finished work, is as wild and woolly as ever - apart from the half where the chickens free-range which is a sea of mud or a dust desert depending on the current weather.

Jean Genie

Thank you Gary - Yes I've taken a few leaves from both and spent a lot of time on the internet last night but to be honest it's baffling me. I shan't bother with tree surgeon - it was just a desperate idea but I am not giving up.

As for David Icke - I shall be returning the book. Had another look at it today and there was a chapter about the House of Windor . Aliens/ reptiles/ - I don't think so ! Not my cup of tea at all.

Enjoy the sport today.

Jean Genie

Forgot to mention - there was one interesting bit in the preface about the U.S. presidents. He claims that out  of the 40 odd that have been in office , 33 of them have been genetically related to 2 monarchs - one English and one French. Thought that was bizarre if its true. However, like you say I don't think he is to be taken seriously but may have to investigate that bit.


Lovely sunny day here

Gary I also watched that beach volley ball match and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, great atmosphere and easy to follow.

Jean I would stay away from David Icke, I think some of his ideas are quite nasty.

Jean Genie

Kate, I think you are right - I have already decided to return the book .  Didn't get very far with it . I've always considered other peoples '  ideas and theories and tried to keep an  open mind on these matters but I'm afraid this is a load of old twaddle !!!

Its raining stair-rods here. It may be too early for cake.

Flo - I've also got animals from a rescue centre. I also foster them. Don't want to mention what they are though, there are too many people on this site that dislike them ! Can you guess what it is yet !!!!

Gary Hobson

Jean, for £22 you could buy two snowball bushes, from Crocus, or other suppliers.


Am very impressed by the pond at Eton Dorney.


Just back in-damp but other than had a nice walk-lost a tee didn't find any balls as was pretty average-which is rubbish-never mind

David Icke-certified nutter-best avoided


Jean, I've never heard of anyone rescuing slugs before !!!!  ;- )

Have been re-doing netting round pond and managed to slice a chunk out of a finger this morning Ow, ow and thrice ow  :- (  Having soothing coffee and quick peek at Lympics.


Jean Genie

Haha - Flo how did you guess. !! Yes Gary , that would be the easy option and I've never been down that road- for some reason I have always gone about things the hard way, I WILL find out what's going on with tree.  Geoff , I agree - the book was lent to me by a colleague  who I don't know that well and things will remain the same on that score. Is it too early for cake ? We have a monsoon - glad the cherry tree was done yesterday.

Jean Genie

Gary - you are a star ! Just popping out but will have a look when I get back. Next door has just kicked off with a chainsaw . In the rain ????? Glad I'm going out - can't think straight.


Wow what a lot of posts over the weekend!

Jenny - can totally understand when it comes to big boys! They think they are grown up but need as much love and support as ever. Especially if things go wrong. 

Jean, I think you have cats? I had a cat but it moved next door (to the neighbours we don't like!).

We went to another NGS open garden on Saturday, but OH said that after Pam's garden he found it a bit disappointing - and it was 48 acres. It was the grounds of what is now a nursing home but was once a large private house. Very pleasant but some areas needed attention. We went with MIL and FIL and I got the impression they weren't that impressed.

The not nice neighbours have a 6 foot fence between our garden and theirs but a few years ago decided this didn't give them enough privacy so they planted 3 leylandii along the fence, which must now be 12ft tall. These are now my view from my kitchen window which is on the side of the house. So yesterday between the downpours I went out with the ladder and cut back all the branches that were growing over my side of the fence and shadowing my side patio - and got soaked in the process as I cut each branch and it showered me with water!. I can't do anything about the height of them but I cut everything that I legally could! Then I bagged up the chopped off bits. Now my dilemma is, should I offer them back to them or just take them straight to the tip??

Gary Hobson

While you are entitled to cut off any branches overhanging your property, I believe you may be obliged to return them to the owner.

You could invite them round, to collect the bits, and then they could dispose of them - however they wish.

If they are likely to be stroppy, I'd be hesitant of just getting rid of the bits in a cavalier way. But you know them best.