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Sue H
Hi all. Lizzie - horses not my own. Looking after them for someone who has gone to a wedding. Used to work with race horses in my younger days.
Sat down at last. Roast chick turned out well in new cooker. Suppose real test will be a cake? Not had time today. Very cold here. Melted snow from earlier is now glistening with the frost. All my flowers hiding under a thick layer of snow. Hope they are ok

Evening, Forkers--guess everyone has gone to bed. Turned out to be not a bad day--a bit chilly. Had a lazy day--now that all my company has gone, it feels too quiet around here. Just having leftovers for dinner---not often there is leftover smoked salmon! No wine left, alas. Hope it warms up for you all soon. My spinach and radishes are well up--and there's lots of pricking out to do in the greenhouse--but tomorrow's another day. PBS is having a Downton Abbey Season 3 marathon on all day. Good night all.

I really enjoyed the downtown abbey series. Just watched Foyleswar, can't believe how old they looked, especially Sam. How long was it since the last series was made.
Gary Hobson

Morning Dove, and forkers yet to arise,

I've been outside and it's the same old story.

We are forecast some sunshine, so that should boost temperatures in the GH. So I'll be taking my little plants out there for the day, and bringing them back into the house tonight. I could take the risk and leave them there, under fleece, but prefer to play safe.

Watched Skyfall, with directors commentary, last night. For anyone who has seen the film, the directors commentary is fascinating. The fight on top of a moving train actually showed Daniel Craig himself - no stunt double. That was trully heroic. There was also a scene where a tube train crashed through a roof. I'd thought that was CGI or a model. But they did crash a real train. That scene alone cost £2M to make.



Good morning All, well New day 2c what to do today children on Easter break seems only

yesterday they had a mid-term oh well less traffic


Jean Genie

Morning all  The sun's out but most of the snow 's still lying around. Hoping it generates a bit of a thaw. Filled some buckets yesterday so will have plenty of rain/snow water for my carnivorous plants. The pitcher plant has a huge flower stalk on it . Wll have to research whether or not to chop it off. With some of the carnivorous it can weaken the plant in the case of my venus flytrap. That got the chop last week.

Enjoyed Skyfall - often wondered about that train scene.

Hope you don't get full blown lurgy, Dove. You seem to get more than your fair share.

Still no e-mails and tiny typing. Need to go back and look at the fix for it but couldn't be bothered yesterday.

I also watched Countryfiles weather forecast. Truly fed up with the white stuff - looks like next weekend will be a write off as well.

Here comes the ...bright new day  sky looks 'bigger'

Iced snow, clear roads - gritters have been busy, so no excuse to canell long standing appointments.. but that wind is viscious..

Take care everyone...

Speak later

Inkadog ..good morning.. have a good day  

Sue H
Morning all. Just off to see to these horses. Brrrr!! Derek, kids round here still at school. Finish Thursday. Must be different holidays there.
Very bright here too. Don't think there will be much of a thaw. Is -2. Garden still covered in inches of snow. Hope it warms up soon so everything can catch up.
Sue H
Jean. I am not getting e mails either, though the tiny text seems to have corrected itself. Something of a website problem??
Sue H
Morning all. Just off to see to these horses. Brrrr!! Derek, kids round here still at school. Finish Thursday. Must be different holidays there.
Very bright here too. Don't think there will be much of a thaw. Is -2. Garden still covered in inches of snow. Hope it warms up soon so everything can catch up.

MORNING FORKERS. Oops, sorry, didn't mean to shout - some are possibly still embedded, as it were. Well, one is for sure.

Same old same old weatherwise, ie cold and grey.  Have a meeting this morning and hairdresser this afty so at least don't have to be out in it much.

Stay warm, keep hoping for Spring

Cheers! Don't normally get lurgy, just the last 12 months - it's been a tough 36 months what with both my parents being so frail and stuff at work - hence the decision to retire asap

I retired officially, that is, 6 years ago, never worked so hard since!



Morning all. Best day of the week weatherwise looks like Tuesday and, bother, out to lunch followed by committee meeting. When  am I going to make new bed for the plants I bought in Spring (?) sales? Spring on hold again today, though it did start last week, it's grey and gloomy.

Sue H, I still have tiny text, you're lucky!

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Blooming freezing here, but the sun is in and out through the clouds, so hopefully it will be enough to get some serious snow melting underway.

Jess breaks up from nursery Wednesday.


Good morning Everyone    Freezing cold here with grey sky  I think I must have pressed something - my type has gone small  or not as the case maybe

Just sent my article for next week - had a real struggle finding Springlike pics - this time last year the Magnolias and Prunus Kojo No Mai were in full bloom and the garden was awash with daffs,tulips and primroses !!!

Keep warm and have a lovely day

Pam LL x  


Morning All

Hope the lurgy soon goes Dove and anyone else under the weather


I don't suppose Sue is around but enjoy your first day

Snow still thick on ground here and will vcentuer out shortly to take the temps.

Son no 1 was without electricity for 23 hours Saturday/yesterday so hopefully they will be ok today.

I am going to do an experiment. I am going to sow a mix (red and white) if spring onion seeds in a poy to see if I get better germination than last year.

Knitting was a disister last nightt - will go back to shop as I think pattern is wrong, or she will show me where I am wrong.

Back later


Pam, you haven't pressed something, there have been lots of posts all over the forum about tiny text. There is a technical fault. Blackest told us how to get bigger text, I think it was press Ctrl + to make it bigger Ctrl - to make it smaller and Ctrl 0 to go back to how it started.