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Dean-that looks like rosemary


Yes, I was going to suggest a crush and sniff of the leaves.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Flobear...I very much hope so but the battle may already be lost on that front sadly. After all plants have been evolving for millenia and we can't stop the bees doing their thing.


Deanos Diggin It

Nah! I ain't crushing that, It's a prickly little thing! 

Nice Cake Liz! 


That looks amazing Liz.

can I send them that as well please?

I'm hoping that is the bride will come up with one as simple as that, as I will also have to transport it to somewhere or other. She wants a chocolate one, nephew wants a fruit cake, I found a chocolate fruit cake but they both said no.

She said my family won't eat fruit, we said this family won't eat chcolate, I said just let me know. Compromise is 1 tier chocolate, 1 tier fruit but need to do 4 tiers I think

I think a very sad rosemary in need of TLC.

Back to knitting


If it is prickly-it is not rosemary-I had one of those plants Dean -but cant remember what it is called


Bjay, my daughter wanted chocolate and my French son-in-law wanted English trad. fruit cake! So I did one of each next to each other, only one tier, decorated with red roses.

Deanos Diggin It

No worrie's! Will let it do it's own thing n see what happens! 

But thank's anyway  For nothing 


Ta da here's a laugh


 I never said I was good at knitting or sewing - i just do it to keep out of the fridge and food cupboard

Deanos Diggin It

Oh Geoff! Was gunna ask! What was that App Joe used on GW for garden design 

Miss Becks

Still no sign of Bunny. I think I may have called her bonkers one too many times, and upset her. Hope she comes back soon. And is ok.


Rosa--thanks so much for the echium photo--mine is supposed to be pink. Might need a larger pot, if it needs to be frost-free I'd better make it portable!

And the egg cosies are adorable. Know what you mean about busy hands keeping you out of the food--took up knitting for the same reason, but mashed a finger chopping wood a week ago, and it's still sore enough to put the knitting on hold. I did complete one sweater, but it was too small--luckily it fit my niece perfectly, and she was thrilled to have it! Am halfway through a "Condo" sweater.

Liz--fabulous cake!

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Beck's! Don't blame yaself! Coz she can "Rabbit" Boom! Boom! Splash!

Think as Gary said earlier, they may be some of the awarded without power, due to adverse weather conditions, unfortunately  


Miss Becks

Aaw, I hope I haven't and she's ok. Unless she's snowed in her damn greenhouse!

Dean - could it be a young Berberis sanguinea? Did you say it is very spiky?

What a beautiful cake

I love your knitting bjay

Pam LL x