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Jean I think its cats too

Lottie do you have boys ?

Flo I hear about this retiring business and here that your busier than ever!?

Pouring rain and 12c but looking back at this week last year it was exactly the same


Have been out and taken some pictures which will post later

Lottie-you could ask them if you could stick the branches somewhere?

Have you been working this morning Jenny? -this retirement thing is great in the Summer gets a bit tedious in the Winter


Yes Geoff working this morning will be working mornings and evenings very soon, all the family will be up for the season. My mum and dad don't do too well in the winter months either its being stuck indoors I suppose. I'll look forward to your photos.

Is so cold here I think Ill have to go and get some coal in and get the fire on!


From today-will put them here so you can all say nice things



Miss Becks

Oh Geoff, I love those baskets on the fence!! So bright and colourful! What are they? The flowers I mean.



Trailing begonias saved tubers from plants last year-do well in shade or sun.

This is my first lone ripe tomato


Gary Hobson

Nice snaps, tomato Guru.

Have just a few nice juicy strawberries in my garden... will try to get a snap...actually heavy showers here at the momemt.

Am watching cross county from Greenwich Park. It's a lovely day there. Some original bits of garden furniture there too.


Great photos Geoff, when will you be challenging Chris Evans to a game of golf?

Lovely sunny weather here but have popped in to cheer on Tom, there is only so much weeding you can do

It is never too early for cake, I sometimes have biscuits for breakfast


That tomato looks like it could be a whole meal for Geoff and Mrs Geoff!

I could just hurl the leylandii branches over the fence! But I think I will probably just take them to the tip and not worry about it. Might ask my other neighbour who also shares a border with them and has the same problem. Sounds confusing but because of the way the houses are I have 3 next door neighbours!

Gary Hobson

Zara Phillips to go off at about 3.45. Saw Lord Coe sitting with Kate and Wills in stands.


Mr Evans lies apparently about his ability-will he let me go in for his Dunghill Cup?

I am waiting for Peter Kay-when is he jumping?


Yes Jenny I do have boys - aged 23, 21 and 19. They are hard work and show no signs of leaving home! Youngest is still causing me sleepless nights.

I often have biscuits for breakfast. Cake can be eaten at any time, day or night.


Lottie, I put my neighbours trimmings in a bag and kept them for a week before getting rid of them, I thought a week was plenty of time for time  to complain.

Geoff are you playing Peter Kay as well?


Oh dear -no meddles for dive bombing

Gary Hobson

Juicy strawberries in my strawberry bed. There were a lot more than this, but something has eaten most of them...



Jean Genie

My eardrums are still being assaulted - he has a whizzer or something out there now. Wish I was brave enough to nip upstairs and see what he's up to. My car is playing up.

You have guessed correctly - I have cats ( yes plural ) So, at the risk of being excommunicated I have come clean. They are more or less house cats , not let out at night and have been spayed. They have litter trays and if they are out , they come in to use them. I am expecting a backlash now. Oh, and they have bells bigger than the olympic one.

Geoff , your photos are stunning - what a beautiful garden you have. I've been watching the mens' synchronized diving and thinking about your favourite attire - there is a lot to choose from on there !

Becks and Jenny - there is a saying in Lancashire - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I speak from experience. You will get through your troubles.

Going to check out Gary's info now . If no-one ever speaks to me again I'll know why !!!


What a fabulous show, Geoff. Is the first photo a hemerocallis? It looks the same colour as one of mine. Mine is flowering the best ever. I have one ripe tomato and one nearly. Picked more blueberries and released a young dunnock that had found its way into the fruit cage.

Lottie, if it was me, I'd give them the branches back - then they'd have to get rid of them ;- )

Thinking of giving up on Lympics - when I take my eyes off the Brits they fail (as in cycling) when I watch them they fail (diving) .


Jean as long as you keep your cats 'up north' its fine with me I have no shame when the neighbours are noisy I watch without embarrassment.

I thought home advantage meant that the medals would be pouring in


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha Kate. I do too! If they're gonna argue above 'normal' noise level, that's an ivite to make a brew, pull up a chair, and watch the show!

Jess has chosen chicken breast and egg fried rice for tonights dinner!! What! How boring. How can I excite that up a bit!


Becks I am doing a chicken salad tonight, I will be jazzing it up with a yoghurt and mint dressing and adding  pea shoots and micro greens from the windowsill.