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Jean Genie

British Summertime starts next.

What a joke .

Don't be disheartened , Dan, we've had snow in April and don't forget , Easter's early this year.

Have a little faith. The sun will shine again.

Off to bed the Huskies down for the night .

Bunny ...

Could anyone provide a brief so I don't have to trawl through the entire forum please ,...........
Caz W

OUR FUNNY BUNNY IS BACK   Nothing much has happened without you


Bunny ...
well if no news I'm orrrrf

SHE,S back!  a lot of us had thought something had happened to you


Caz W

A few of us have got the lurgy (myself included), some are freezing and snow covered, BJay can't stop knitting, Dan's here & there in his tardis and Geoff's finally sorted his ceiling.

Bunny ...
I've been in quarantine Derek.... the misery was making me sick ....
Miss Becks

Don't you dare madam!

Bjay's knitting mutant easter chicks, Lizzie has been baking, everyone is catching cyber lurgy, and Dan's lost us in a timewarp!


Page 1419 - a bunny thanks Also a cake.


Bunny ...
Thanks rosa , lovely cake wow never show a pic of mine everrrrrrrrr again
And knitting ...go you , I'm only at scarf level (that nobody sees) .

Oh caz you been spreading your germs

Dan ...tardis life

Needed a break, just too many capability browns lately .... Not sure how long il be , maybe tonight . Am tired , stressed ... 'Planting seeds' ....

I can sleep easy now funny-bunny-bonkers is back from her travels

From under the duvet-night all

Bunny ...
Passing through the tunnel Geoff...passing through...

Watch the bed bugs



Hope you are OK Bunny. Thought you were having time off with OH.

May as well forget seeds for now I think. I am, with this weather where do they go if they do germinate?

Becks SIL was coming for a visit today but cancelled, as had problems getting off drive yesterday and like you doesn't like driving in snow.

Bunny ...
Rosa my garlic cloves are popping out their pots /modules. (OH describes as like octopus with their roots)

Had a day off , slept loads ...went for Indian and hit a young deer coming home
Thanks . Am ok , tired , stressed and fed up of stuff

Goodnight, Forkers---sending some sunshine your way!


Can you dig some little holes for them, how sub-zero are you up there? they Have you tried to harden them off? Try.

OH hit a deer and wrote his then car off, how's your car or was it the jeep thing?

The weather makes everyone tired, and stressed. 

Miss Becks

I've drove today Bjay. Was quite slushy, but I didn't feel nervous, so was ok.

Inka, send it express delivery!