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Bunny ...
They're in greenhouse in subzero when you said fridge them ...Siberia appeared so I shoved em in there in pkts ...they spouted so I put into modules and now have octopus roots and green shoots ... -2 at the moment has been -10 cold greenhouse !
2 nd deer ... First wrote other car off, this was jeep type ..smash no plate that's all but had to drag deer off rd ...damn things here at the moment (logging has got em everywhere) .

I'd say plant them out if you wanted to risk it and manage to hack holes in the ground. About 4 ins apart, maybe not do them harm if you do it while ground is firmish. and water as soon as it warms up. My outside ones are about 5ins tall. 

Parents are tricky things as well 

Miss Becks

I've just started on Season 4 of 'Lost', and I can understand why they called it that, as that's what I am!! Totally lost!!


I heard that's waht happened to it becks. Think it's dog pee time. 

Night both 

Bunny ...
Eeek wasn't gonna put in ground ...clay is concrete won't thaw for ages yet, how deep do they need ? For growing ? Deep troughs. ?

I was lost at season 2 ...

Night ... Olives been out


Miss Becks

Night Bjay.

So was I Bunny, but persevered, hoping it would start making sense, but no!

Bunny ...
I gave up , well done for getting so far
Miss Becks

Only 2 more seasons to go and it'll all make sense!

Bunny ...
...errrrrr of course yes ...of course it will
Miss Becks

Then I've got to find something else to watch. Running out of stuff.

Bunny ...
there's always the forum
Miss Becks

You are funny bunny!

I watch my ipad while chatting. Sometimes it's a good job.

Bunny ...
off to bed here ...a snoring f@rting dog by me isn't so good fun x

Good morning folks  Here I am, still snotty  Feeling a bit grim but got to go in 'cos I've got a day's training booked and it'll cost the Dept. lots of dosh if I don't show up - so I've got the chance to spread my germs amongst a new group of people 

By the way, I see Fish4card aka Square foot aka Jon cob aka grid gardener aka lots of others in between has started another unpleasant thread - I have reported it - as if the Board support team hasn't got enough to do at the moment - but of course, that's why he's doing it now 

Now that Daniel knows what a PITA he is, I think the best tactic is just to report and ignore - whether by pressing the Ignore button or just not responding. 


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Pleased to see that our Bunny has found her way back. 

Not as cold last night as had been forecast. This was the temperature in the GH a few minutes ago...

What's surprising is that the temperature yesterday afternoon got up to 34C.

The little plants will be having another day out today.



Morning Gary  Glad your temperatures got up - the only one here that's going up is mine and that's because of my lurgy - outside it didn't budge above 0C in Norfolk yesterday 


Good Morning all , I used to dislike people who would come to work dying with head colds and passing their Germans on to unsuspecting fellow workers , now I don't care!.


clogherhead wrote (see)

....., I used to dislike people who would come to work dying with head colds and passing their Germans on to unsuspecting fellow workers ....


Last week a colleague came in to work coughing non-stop - in a team meeting I moved to the farthest corner near an open window and guess who came and sat next to me?    He didn't stop coughing all mornng, and didn't use a handkerchief - all of us were far too well mannered to ask him to leave - now look what's happened  

Jean Genie

Morning Dove, Gary and Derek , Still got a sore throat but nothing's developed so hoping it's just a strep. Does anyone use a handkerchief these days? I do but the amount of people around who cough and splutter without using anything is unbelievable. No wonder these things spread so easily.

Snow is slowly dissipating but have heard we are due for more at the weekend.

Did anyone see the prof. on the news last night who says we will all be getting extreme weather in the future? Depressed me that much I turned him off. !

I like to think it's just a weather pattern.

Off to another GC this morning. It's not too far away and has been recommended by friends of ours. I will try to be good.

Nice to see Bunny back.