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Because we as Adults are so polite and are reluctant in some cases to confront these people who have no regard for the health and safety of others that we suffer with Snotty noses , coughs, and General nausea while making grunts and groans at our misfortune of getting a cold or worse FLU


Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

Sun isn't out fully, but keeps popping through the clouds.

Jess has an Easter Bonnet competition at nursery tomorrow, so today we will be fashioning lots of cardboard and material, little chicks and mini eggs.


Morning all. Sneezles have hit here now. Can you catch them from posting on a forum?

Still no weather, waiting in for rat man as a new lot appear to have moved in after the first lot were dispatched. Fed up cos didn't put dustbin out in time and it's a fortnight to wait now.

Sounding a bit gloomy, aren't I?

 Looking forward to pics of the Easter Bonnet, Becks


Flo, you've heard of internet viruses? 


   Nice one Dove! Now I'm smiling! 


Pennine Petal
Morning, having a late breakfast. Ghost tour last night courtesy of the concierge. Bats ford Arboretum yesterday, liberating daffodils from the snow. Made a few purchases. Back out into the cold shortly, visiting family in Malvern.
Miss Becks

I'll see what it looks like first Flo. I've got to look for inspiring ideas first. She does have a kit my friend bought her, but I want to add a personal touch.

Ooh, Glyn, ghost tour! Interesting?


just started to snow here hope we don't get what they had up north at the weekend



Morning all.

Just keeps trying to snow here too, but now brilliant sunshine again. Do I put some washing out.....

Spent yesterday attacking the files/boxes of paperwork sort out. Phew, shredder is tough, might be smaller than previous, but no, took a right hammering yesterday & still smiling.

Wheely bin half full again, only another month to go 'til collection... & the filing system for househould is starting to look a lot more sensible. Why oh why had I duplicated files?? Anyway, only the remaining half of filing cabinet to do so that's today's task, after GP phonecall & an Aldi shop.

OH's car passed it's MOT no problem, & service being done today. The 3 of them in the office all have the same time for MOTs, ie now, so that should help OH's memory ????

Daughter got the sneezes/snuffles too, but luckily has this morning off work so that's helping her. My back muscle 'went' again early yesterday morning- ouch- so am being very careful again & yes, taking more painkillers....bigsighsmiley. The propagator is now plugged into a timer- yay- so no need to bend down to unplug it first thing. It's on a sunny sill & above the radiator so dont have it on during the day.

Now I'll catch up. J.


Well have put the washing out- just my garden fleece & scruffy gillette x2 as they were filthy & at least the wind will dry them reasonably for when I can actually use them again! Instead of the big coat am still using whenever this yr.

Hard luck to the lurgy sufferers, hope evryone improves soon. Am snotty & aching, but mine not the lurgy, just drug induced.

Am also running out of sill space. Will need to prickout cosmos soon & then real trouble as have far too many..... Think will take daughter some of the houseplants she owns, that'll help a bit.....

Bjay, we have a Siskin visiting sometimes. Havent seen it recently though. J.


No wind so can't dry anything. Good excuse not to do washing, I suppose.

Well, the rat man's been so I'd better stir me stumps and take these dogs out.

Jean Genie

Was thinking about putting washing out but it's snowing again.  It started just as we arrived at the GC . Enjoyed looking around but the wind is bitter here so didn't go outside but earmarked it for if and when the weather gets warmer. Didn't buy any plants but did buy some Morning Glory. Geoff mentioned Star of Yalta and I remember googling it. Was quite taken with the lovely deep purple colour so thought I'ld give them a try.

Just a question of finding room now, I'm struggling for space as well, Jo. Decided to take your advice and delay sowing them until weather a bit better. Apart from that, they grow like triffids once they're germinated.

Hi Flo, Glyn and Derek.

Need feeding again. I'm sure it's this cold weather. Can't stop lately . I'll be joining WW next.

Easter bonnet making sounds fun, Becks.


Yep I've just eaten again... Def the cold weather, so just for comfort.

GP just phoned with blood test result. Not all doom & gloom, just try a wee bit less of the full fat cheese perhaps?? I did actually have some rather yummy brie the night before..... so probably a true picture of my eating habits!

Do peanut butter & jam sandwiches count?? well I need food to take the next lot of painkillers......

Car already out, but will delay shopping till all the lunchtime workers back at work.

Have continued on the file sort out whilst waiting- now have a HRW recipe file before daughter takes her book back. Will do the rest of our stuff later on, then OH can stop moaning about the state of spare room. I did point out about his workshop/study....  J.


G'day All

Very late this morning. Been to WW  again. 

then had to go way up the hill for bank, way down bottom of hill for wool shop, then to waste time right up to top of hill for PO to post little easter things and a cardy for grand daughter. Then back down hill to wool shop again - keep thinking of the lbs

Lady in wool shop is sorting out knitting, cos I've done this section 5 or 6 times and each time it comes out wron, could be pattern so she's doing a sample knit - back again tomorrow, think she was finding it tricky as well

Hi Glyn somewhere in Malvern - in the waking upo and down the hill may have wlked past you

Hope you will all be  feeling better soon, some folk just don't think when they are coughing and spluttering about other people


Going to have a hot cross bun as a treat with lunch 

Hope we have a photo of Easter Bonnet Becks


I'm hoping to eventually walk off my excees weight Bjay, plus eating more sensibly too. This cold weather doesnt lend to cottage cheese, which I love, & as having another lunch out tomorrow, not much chance then either. Will try to pick the sensible options, but ....

Have made my 'lightbox' as recommended by Obs on another thread. I used to use one yonks ago, but this yr with having to keep the seedlings inside on sills for longer I realised needed one again. So another use for the old shoebox.

Right off to get sorted for the shops. Yes I could walk, but not manage to carry all of it back- have long list. J.


Caz W

Afternoon Forkers & Sniffers - hope you're all doing well .  I'm feeling a bit better again today but OH has taken to his bed now and is snoring away merrily at the moment.  The sun is shining but I haven't been outside for a few days to feel how cold it really is!

Jo - I remember making a tin foil lined cardboard lightbox when I saw Geoff do one on GW.

Becks - happy memories of making Easter Bonnets with my son.  Won first prize twice   One was a paper plate with hot cross buns made from crumpled up paper and painted and the other was a cardboard dish with handle to look like a frying pan with some "fried eggs" in it.  Had to think outside the box for a boy's hat - fluffy chicks, bows etc NOT allowed!!!


Big excitment - well to me.

When we left old garden I was unable to bring plants here (honey fungus) but I did pot up a few tiny hellebore self sown seedlings. Just had a look and one of them has a flower bud. No idea what it will be like, parent was the white with speckles on the petals Will wait and see

OOOH just thought if it is out in time could be my April avatar as there is s*d all else of interest

Siskin is back, munching on sunflower hearts

Caz W

BJay - good news about the hellebore .  I was quite excited last week when I spotted 3 little hellebore seedlings as I've had the plants about 4 years and these are the first seedlings I've ever had.  Do you think I should I leave them where they are or lift them and pot them up?


Don't ask me Caz! I just potted up these 3 as I knew I was moving and have been waiting ever since to see what will happen


Yay! hellebore seedlings often quite a surprise when they flower. I've got several in pots that are way too small yet, so at least a couple more yrs to wait & continue potting on....

Caz- depends on whereabouts they are in relation to their parent. I'd be inclined to pot them up/mopve them elsewhere if you've got space- oh & once the snow/freezing solid soil gone.

Heard on car radio that a couple of the roads that I use to go over to 'little house' are only passable with care, yikesmiley, & HGVs not avised to use. Hope they clear up a bit to allow OH to get back this w/end ok. J.