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I know I have a lot to learn on using this forum but will someone please tell me ewhere the 'ignore' button is, as I just found a troll by accident

Gary Hobson

Just hover over their avatar (at the left), and you'll see a large black panel with two blue buttons, one marked IGNORE.

Bjay - click on the trolls avatar and a box will appear with message and ignore.
Pam LL x
Caz W

Thanks Jo   - I think I will pot them up as they are quite close to the parent.  Have to go troll hunting now .........


Gary Hobson

Ignore is a brilliant feature, because it puts you in control.

If you even start to argue back, then that's just what people want you to do. Arguing, or even commenting, plays into their hands.

By clicking IGNORE you simply despatch them into a black hole in the ethernet.

It's useful if someone spots such a person, and points it out. But it's not useful if lots of people join in, all arguing with the troll, and the argument snowballs.


Thank you Gary. I have seen people mention it before but had no idea what to do. Observation on my part might have been a good thing (doh smiley)


Or, just as annoying, Gary, people carry on posting agreeing that it's a troll and we should ignore, not answer etc then someone agrees with that etc etc.


Just done some indoor gardening as was in danger of crazyyyyy

Took over kitchen (I know Jo) but it's my kitchen and long enough to cook one end and garden the other if need be

Any way potted up some Amaranthus into bigger modules, already pricked up once but still very small, and pricked out some evening primrose ito small modules. Topped up compost on Morning glories. Only a little but it has given me a feeling of peace and satisfaction. Tomorrow I will look at veg and see what i can do there.

The chill seems to permeate every crack and opening, and this is DG, CH and insulated - Brrrr.

Will now go and check for replies on my peruvian lily thread, I really need to know what to do with them as they are nothing like I was expecting


Hallo everyone, postman brought me parcel with plugs I had ordered today. Poor little things, the box was ice cold! Have potted them on in compost that I had to put in front of the radiator for a couple of hours. Got 3 burgundy coloured pelargoniums, 6 mixed millionbells and 5 mixed gazanias, do hope they survive, are on the window sill which has a radiator below. Ordered a red geranium and 2 hellebores (Double Ellen Red and Double Ellen Picotée) today. Have sworn to myself that this is the last order, as have so many seeds to sow and heaven only knows where I'm going to put them all!

Hope you all have a nice evening and get well soon snifflers.

Caz W

Nothing wrong with a bit of indoor gardening BJay - have been known to do the same myself Hope your little plants are nice and cosy now Sue


The potty gardener

Afternoon. I've had my hair done and now have taken up position on sofa wrapped in blanket wit cats for warmth. Gardening hour on QVC so wonder what will tempt me today

Gary Hobson

Those shopping channel gardening programs are sometimes very interesting.

They often have novel and useful bits of kit, and also plants (roses, lililes and all manner of stuff) from reputable suppliers.

But I've never bought anything by telephone myself.


Just been trying to get on here and getting squashed tomato. Thought it would mean improved but now I am on, it is no change

Deanos Diggin It

Evening Everybody! 

Been busy potting up, mainly perennials now, am seriously, seriously running out of room for everything 

Was awarded more freebie's at work today, and I just couldn't refuse 

 so the hand-made polytunnel down on the allotment as had to house today's treat's


 And ain't these "Beautiful"


 Just need the weather to warm now so we can all get "Outside Gardening" 



Hello all, been out all day. Bit of a nuisance really as weather was nice and I could have been doing things in the garden. Lunch with friends was nice, committee meeting went on a bit.

Had email this morning to say my plug plants have been dispatched and should arrive tomorrow. Rain forecast tomorrow so good day to be potting up in the GH. Tomatoes and ageratums ready to pot on. New French Marigolds overtaking the pathetic first sowing. Perhaps they were duff seeds.

Bunny, that cake mustn't put you off sending cake photos. It was a special cake for son's wedding and took ages. Most of my cakes, when I can be bothered to make them, are a bit hit and miss. Sorry about the deer. Must have been a shock. Same problem here, they just rush out so fast, wild boar, foxes and badgers too. I hit a badger once, first one I'd ever seen. I didn't know they could run so fast, it was like it was trying to commit suicide.


Evenin' all.

Dean, you look as if you're setting up your own Garden Centre there!

Had word today from the paving stone chap that he intends to start next Tuesday. Means I must finish the digging, flatten the site and move the chicken ranch. Bet it starts raining tomorrow.


No rain in forcast Flo. Hope your back holds up.

Daughter has pulled a muscle with coughing- ouch. So far my back/sciatica are better today.... am driving down M6 tomorrow though so may end up with more aches & pains. Shall wave at Becks & Gary as I pass.

We've just clarified which day we'll go to the Tatton show this yr. There's no RHS only day this time, so shall avoid Ladies Day! Must check with OH if he wants to come again. He was very well behaved last year- all those plants to photograph- & he's got a newer camera now...... You watch postie try & deliver another camera related parcel tomorrow when I wont be around. J.


Forgot- off to flop now. Didnt sleep well last night- partly me, partly drug apparently & will try not to snooze on sofa otherwise same thing will happen tonight. J.

Caz W

Wow Dean - when you said your goodies were in" hand-made polytunnel" I didn't imagine it to be half as grand as that .  You & Flo have got plenty of work to keep you going

Has our Bunny gone awol again??