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Good morning to everyone.
Hope you aren't too cold

Morning all. My hundreds of plug plants have arrived! Shall spend the morning in the GH potting 

You'll all find me very annoying now as here there is a beautiful blue sky and the sun is shining, it's 5° already. But throat is still a bit sore and nose is a bit bunged up.

Jean Genie

Morning everyone  Typed a post in earlier and windows decided to update and I lost the lot.

Not much to report here except more of the white stuff. We keep getting snow flurries so am hoping we don't get another dumping.

You are going to be busy Liz  Can you please send a little weather our way ?

Going to make a cuppa - woke up a bit grumpy so am laying off the coffee - feel a great urge to be outside doing something but I can't so I'm going to do housework.

Catch you all later.

Gary Hobson

Re multiple quotes. You just quote as many as you like, taking care that you quote them in the sequence that you want them. Then paste the whole lot with one paste.

We mentioned Alex Polizzi's program about revamping a garden centre, which was on telly last week. There's been some follow up in the horticutural press.

"Many of the UK's garden centres could be in serious trouble this time next year if they don't raise their game... Many are already on their knees from our last drenched summer and our failing economy, and they will not survive another summer, where the economy at the very least will be miserable... And with big stores like Waitrose just announcing plans to take a big bite out of the sector, this is no time for complacency"

The article recommends similar fixes to those that were described in that program - all about improving layout, services and standards (don't need to know anything about growing plants! )

They'll have poor trade this Easter too.

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

I've been lost in bonnett land since yesterday. Only Jess would decide she wanted a birds nest made with real twigs. Nearly finished but it looks like it has been run over! With one of Bjays mutant chicks on the top.



Morning all, feeling a bit sad today, noticed last night that I have lost the diamond out of my engagement ring, two of the clamps holding it had broken off! Will spend the day with a torch searching for it, will be like searching for a needle in haystack. I'm hoping it willbe in the bag of compost I was grubbing around in to pot up my plugs. That will teach me for not taking my ring off when doing jobs like that!

Enjoy your day folks, hope it warms up a bit, take care the poorly ones.


the sky has opened up and I can see a big orange ball of light.. What could it be?



Sue, I lost my wedding ring years ago when gardening. My OH gave me another one. Then, 2 years later, my daughter found it in the gravel on a path!


Oh Sue, how sad   Have you got it insured?  I hope you find it - have you looked in your bedroom - putting socks/tights/sweaters on tends to be when I catch my ring.

My daughter-in-law's ring is a solitaire and I always think it looks so fragile.

Back in the days when I was a married person I was throwing some prunings onto a compost heap when I realised that my wedding ring was missing - I'd lost a fair bit of weight and it had been a bit loose - then somehow I just saw it glinting, it had caught on a twig on the pile of prunings   I hope you have similar good luck (((hug)))


Morning All

Snow flurry here, and I had decided to make the raised bed so that it was ready for filling

I AM NOT knitting any dog clothes a dog is a dog not a pretend child  etc etc etc

A friend who has lost a geat deal of weight - 5 stone - lost her wedding ring a couple of months ago snorkelling on the Geat Barrier Reef. In years to come it will be found and treasure hunters will be out Any way she was very excited yesterday as the insurance had come through and she was going to get another one.

Lizzie you are certainly going to be a busy lizzie today


Morning again to those now up and about.
Verdun, we have intermittent tiny flakes here so I am cold. Had weak sun for a few minutes but it gave up.
Sue, I do hope your little diamond turns up.
Gary, thanks for the pasting information.

GEEOOOOFFFF, BUNNNNYYYYY. You can come out now.


OK, confession time. I knitted a coat for my 'old lady' which she wears when the air is bitter. At nearly 15 she doesn't charge about like the youngsters do. Same as me, really, I wrap up warm as I don't charge about as much as I used to


The potty gardener

Morning all. It is a bit brighter here today but still cold.

I actually have nothing planned for today so watching tv and reading for me.

Still going away tomorrow for a few days so looking forward to that


Well that is acceptable Flo, it does what it is meant to. Oscar has a coat as well, mind you he's far to big to have a knitted one. 

No hat, boots, no coordination


Rosa carriola wrote (see)

No hat, boots, no coordination



Morning Bev. Have you said where you're going and I missed it?



Morning all-what day is it?


Morning Geoff. Do you want a synopsis

becks is making a birds nest, Dogs are wearing knitted clothes, (not mine)

It's snowing here

Weddings and cake, 

Some lost daimonds

And Liz has hundreds of plugs


OK, where's your note, Geoff? And it better not be a forged one!