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Miss Becks

Jess's mutant chick Easter Bonnet!




Jean Genie

Becks - great effort  Will there be prizes ?

Sue, that's dreadful - you must be devastated . Try to retrace your steps.

Wondering how my cats would feel about a knitted coat ? Have a feeling I'ld be shredded if I even attempted to put a coat on them but your little doggy looks so cute Flo.

Can you knit a cat coat Bjay ?

Am I the only one that's not receiving any e-mails or is the site still dodgy ?



Hi Geoff, hope you didn't catch my lurgy 

Caz W

Afties all.  Still sniffing' and coughin' but slowly improving.  Hope everyone is well/getting better too.  How are you today Dove?

Great bonnet Becks I bet Jess really enjoyed making that and was proud of her efforts.

Flo's little dog looks so sweet

Sue - hope you find your diamond.  It's really upsetting when you lose something like that

Welcome back Geoff


Great bonnet becks. I am sure she will wear it with pride.. Lovely little chick.

I do not anything for animals, and knowing my cats no way

Still no e-mails and that silly path thing is there in the corner, and the font size is not right.

I have spent the morning kitchen gardening - potted on some parsley, sowed some indoor lettuce, asters,and various brassicas in the hope it will warm up.

Hope the lurgy is finally disappearing, some of you sounded really rough , all that coughing

hope that diamond turns up, I think I would be very upset


I've not got a temperature but sore ears, sore throat, tight chest, gunge-stuffed head and am sitting here surrounded by soggy tissues and Fishermen's Friends and coughing non-stop - thanks for asking Caz 

OH is at work today so I'm having to make my own coffee and I've put a Hairy Bs' sausage casserole in the slow cooker - real comfort food   

We've actually got some sunshine and I'm longing to go out and look for little buds on my pear tree and goosegogs etc, but it's bitterly cold and I've promised OH that I'll stay indoors in the warm.

Caz W

I've done a little kitchen gardening today too - pricking out Helichrysums - and wondered if you were doing the same BJay

Sitting here eating Rhubard & Custard sweets now


Oh dear dove you do sound rough. Get well soon

Caz W

BJay - just a thought - have you tried clicking on Followed Threads?  That will bring up all the threads you have ticked to receive e-mail notifications from.


Jean Genie

I can actually see some of my garden now  Seems to be a thaw but it's still snowing now and then.

Everyone seems to have had a productive morning.

Mine consisted of housework

Dove and Caz - get well soon. My sore throat has gone now so don't know what that's all about  Got off quite lightly compared to some of you.

My coleus seeds are up - more space will be required soon .

Jean Genie

Caz - I've tried that as well but not getting any e-maij=ls at all from the site.

I've got that weird path p thing at the bottom of the screen as well.


Feeling better that yeserday Dove

Actually quite peeved with this site-it has been like this for nearly a week now with no fix-nothing posted by anybody with an answer why


Afternoon all!

Just looked out of the window. Snow and sun at the same time
Also, a pheasant has just gone by. I think it must have a poorly leg. It looked like it was from The Ministry of Funny Walks (pheasant dept.)

Sue, sorry to hear about your missing diamond
Dove, hope you feel better soon.
Becks, love the bonnet!

Quick coffee and a catch up before I go and do something more productive.
Have some paper work from work waiting for me!

Caz, mine doesn't say "followed threads" it says "public profile", which leads to my profile which leads to've guessed it!!!!!  a squashed tomato!!!!!!!!!

Just having tea break. Potted up nearly 300 plants. Going to prune wisteria, got a bit hot in the GH.

Caz W

Liz - you need to be on the Latest Posts page, not actually in a particular thread.  Well, you're halfway through your potting marathon - you deserve a tea break


If you just press Ctrl and +/= key  the print will enlarge, same the other ways around, Ctrl and - will make it smaller.

Caz W
Nola wrote (see)
Also, a pheasant has just gone by. I think it must have a poorly leg. It looked like it was from The Ministry of Funny Walks (pheasant dept.)


Oh dear - that's started me off now "I am not a pheasant plucker ........"