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 I'm so embarassed. Went to see M but they had a singer there (you know the sort, old enough to know better in a strapless yellow satin dress, frilly inderskirt and bunny ears) so we made a hasty retreat before anyone saw us - oh that's not why i'm embarassed. As a result of said retreat we went to Beigeland - I was wearing, beige jumper, brown trousers, faune coat, but I did have a pair of black gloves with large purple spots. That's what I'm embarassed about  Going around thinking - oh know i'm beige in beigeland

Did buy a plant off list, but not the one they had in last week that I thought I would leave until today

Caz W

Shame on you BJay.  You should at least have worn a red hat to clash with your purple gloves .

Are you sure that singer wasn't Bunny - haven't seen her for a while


I trust you went through the self checkout Bjay-without prompting?


No Bunny has red hair.

No, did hold queue up though - couldn't find the right store card- then couldn't get bank card out of purse  Didn't realise till you said that it all adds up to wearing beige 

I will not do it again

I will not do it again

I will not do it again

Ad infinitum

Gary Hobson
Rosa carriola wrote (see)

 couldn't find the right store card- then couldn't get bank card out of purse

On of the great advantages of on-line shopping is not having to be in a queue standing behind someone like that.




Did you stand in an aisle blocking it??-or stood there talking to people??


No but OH was behind me going TUT, TUT and generally giving off disapproving vibes 

Deanos Diggin It
And dump your trolley in the middle of the aisle?
Gary Hobson

Good idea - havng a decoy shopper just behind you - to divert the flack coming from following shoppers.


Then when you got to the car- tapping all pockets for the keys?


As long as he wasn't cheer-leading the mob!!! 


Too b***** cold to pratt around on a car park doing that. Straight into car, but then OH had keys.

Hello Dean

Good afternoon everyone
I hope anyone with the lurgy gets better quickly
I do hope your diamond shows up Liz
Love Jess's hat
Love the doggy jumpers too

I am feeling happy this afternoon -I have finished potting up all my cuttings,sorted out all the other plants in my greenhouses and pricked out 6 trays of Onions for Barry. Yesterday I potted up the 90 Petunias and 72 Laurentia plugs that arrived in the post. Tomorrow I intend to sow all the Tomatoes,Cosmos,mesembrywhatsits and Ageratum plus seeds of cabbages and Lettuces
Cottage pie,carrots and peas for dinner,apple crumble and custard for pudding
Pam LL x



Anyone ever grown Mina Lobata - a fellow forker gave me some seeds, Then Discovered I took a photo a couple of years ago of a strange plant at some garden or other, which is this Mina Stobata.

So have sown seeds. Really quick germination but was wondering if it is going to perform like Morning Glory or take over the garden

Now extra embarassment correct about car colour Geoff Not make and model though


I actually drive a Metro

Miss Becks

Thanks for all your kind words about Jess's mutant hat! She came second! A bag of mini eggs.

I would love to have seen your face Bjay when the penny dropped.


Just catching up with the posts. Geoff love the cartoon! Hope you find your diamond Sue. It may well just turn up when you're not really looking. It's not really the same if you have to replace it. My sister managed to lose my late Mum's diamond ring after making a huge fuss about having it. Perhaps if she tidied her house though...  Had sausage casserole for tea last night and there's enough left for tonight- hurray Apple crumble sounds good !