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Well done Mum for a super hat, I bet Jess was pleased. 

 I hid down the aisles and in the GC bit, There was only us in there, Can't think why


Bjay, let that be a lesson to you and never ever go out entirely beige! Begging the gloves' pardon.

Becks, cool hat and chuffed for you and Jess that it got a prize


Deanos Diggin It
Have caught up!

Caz n Dove, hope your both feeling a lot better

Beck's, love the mutant chicken titfa! bet Jess was well chuffed! =)

Gary, that "Indusrial Heater" as been a god send this last few weeks, believe me!
Deanos Diggin It
Opp's! Soz! Sue, Swiss one, wish you all the best of luck finding your "Rock's"
Bunny ...

Evening.... dropping in with some easter eggs for you...chocolate and non-chocolate..



Bunny ...

Evening Dean... much 'appening here ?


Can I have the Malteser one Bunny?

Bunny ...
Yes Geoff , it isn't a bunny one though

Quiet....... Has everyone been abducted ?

It is the quiz hour Bunny-those brains need exercising

Deanos Diggin It

B'j is "Beiged Out"

Caz n Dove are very snotty

Beck's has won second prize in a beauty contest n has collected ??10 from each fellow forker!

And Swissue has lost her rocks!
Bunny ...
Omg beige snotty rocks won in a beauty pageant ...has been quiet then

Only here 5mins and the dogs giving me grief ...walk time wanted so she can have food time ...just who is in charge here ...

Son was coming to supper but held up so I'm going to him in about 10 mins. He's about 40 mins away. Having steak. OH doesn't like steak much but he's out at choir.

Potted all the bought plants except one tray and must pot on some of my seedlings. Pruned the wisteria except the bit that needs a ladder.

OH always look in all his pockets for the car keys. I think beige can be a classy colour. Chic!

Pennine Petal
Hi all, all shopped out and eaten my weight in lovely food, back home now.

Called at Webbs of Wychbold today, what a huge place, most of it not plants though. Bought 3 poppies though.

What have I missed?
Bunny ...

..and now steak/or a choir singing horse pretty quiet



Pointless ,The Chase, Eggheads,Deal or No Deal,Countdown-you have all this to come Bunny


Howdy, fellow Forkers----

Jess's hat is totally rad, dudes!!! Well done!

Did the WW weigh-in today-and have gained.8 lb!--It was all that cooking for the company that did it!

Dean, your greenhouse looks fab!

Glad the various lurgies are improving, and good luck finding the ring!

Chickadees are so-called because they go Chicka chica dee dee dee. Some of the other"usual suspects" are nuthatches, juncoes and various warblers and finches. Hummingbirds--Rufous are back from Mexico and Anna's spend the whole year here now.

Finished the fence/railing and seed-sowing. Going to sow some Bull's Blood beets outside--love the greens [which are dark red!]

Next week is the annual Nettlefest community dinner here--many dishes utilizing fresh nettles, which are now ready for picking. Some are very tasty.

I don't like clothes on dogs either, except those breeds that need them for warmth. That wee knitted coat looks comfy!