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Bunny, OH is not a singing horse! Or have I misread something?

Caz, big thanks for the followed thread tip. I must be a bit thick, never noticed it!

Pennine Petal
When I was Batsford Arboretum I saw a wire bunny in their shop ready for filling some box plants (or something). Made me think about you Bunny, you have to get one!
Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

 I think beige can be a classy colour. Chic!

Me too




Or for the ladeeez




What In Beigeland Geoff???

Didn't see you waving Glyn, looked out for you

WEnt to Webbs last week, Came away disappointed, OH said I always do. One year I had been really ill so we wnt there as a one stop hristmas shop. Worked then.



Deanos Diggin It
Geoff! He has "Man Boob's"

Not a very attractive look!
Pennine Petal
I should have stood on top of the car, then you would have. Still thinking about coming down to the show.
Bunny ...

I have these..

And i cant enlarge as OH has PC


Caz W

I think we should make an anagram of BJAY -- BAYJ -- so it sounds like "beige" .  It will also mean that Bunny can use it instead of "Rosa"

Moobs - I agree Dean - not a good look

Well Done Jess

I used to like Tipping Point

Deanos Diggin It

Caz! Thanks for comment's last evening! 

An am only gunna post this coz I am bored n going "Stir Crazy" with not being able to get out n play! 

 That was the frame in! 


Bunny ...
**snigger rolling around on floor** @ BAYJ

Ohhhh moobs some need moob knickers

Going for Gold ,Goldenballs,that thing with that DIY bloke

Nothing wrong with a bit of man breast


Bunny ...
Nice driver

Jolly colourful you could go out dean to,sit and look , now -2 here so far

i would like to point out that i very rarely wear beige, I just didn't have anything else warm to wear, 'Cock up on the clothes washing front' for those who watched REg Perrin

And if you really do call me BayJ it really will be the pot Bunny!!!!!!!!

Deanos Diggin It

 n then glazed! 


Right I'm off! Silly start time again! 

I'm out of here! Night All! 


Bunny ...
Ohhhh lord looks like gonna park his bap in there
Bunny ...
Night dean...

You say you don't normally wear beige baeiyge bayyyyggggggggjjjjjjjjj

Bunny ...
Nice work dean ...needs some beige though

Evening all.

Joys of M6 today- bad coming back up with jams from couple of cleared accidents apparently. Why do lorry drivers get soooo close? Ended up refusing to move at one point & driver got the message & stayed back! Good.

Becks/Gary- you do have more snow down there, dont you? Quite surprised at the drifts at the side of road even just outside Wolverhampton. Met friend from my childhood village where still huge drifts, but totally normal for up there.

Lunch at Ashwoods & a reduced price Hellebore to add to my collection.....

Now to catch up J.

Caz W

Dean - I always like to see photos - not that I'm nosey mind .   Is that your cordy? 

Today I have been looking at photos of my garden to cheer myself up