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Miss Becks

Hmm, I like the sound of that dressing, but I have no mint, and the yoghurt is a strawberry Thomas The Tank engine pot! I'll not attempt anything with that then!

Jean - I agree, and most of my troubles all clear now. Thanks. x


Satay sauce for the chicken?

Not sure what's on my menu for this evening. I bought a piece of beef brisket in the supermarket yesterday - was reduced at the butcher counter. Recipes anyone??

People carrying on loud arguments are just inviting you to eavesdrop on them!


Flo-yes it is a hem,hem,er day-lily-there is a yellow one there in another pic hiding behind the pink lily

Early warning Gary and all-have just nipped to Sainsbury's- the kids are out in force running round the aisles -go early to avoid the crowds-managed to kick two.

Chicken salad here-I do like the sound of kid's meals-do they come with toys like MacDonalds?

Miss Becks

Ooh, I love satay sauce Lottie, but haven't the stuff to make it. I don't stock stuff to make sauces as Jess doesn't normally touch them.Maybe I should.

I have found a jar or Chicken Tonight though, 'Spanish Chicken' flavour, so half of that jar will do me with my chicken mixed in.

No toys I'm afraid Geoff. If she's lucky, she might get a choc ice after though.

Miss Becks
sotongeoff wrote (see)

managed to kick two


Love it!



I go late night shopping to avoid the playground at the supermarket, still lots of nutter but a different type

I serve a sauce every night,covers a multitude of sins.

Jean Genie

I have been spying out the landing window - there's wood everywhere . He has someone with him now - can't tell what it is yet but he is a landscape gardener and maybe building something for a client. I've asked him about vib/tree but he doesn't know -  he didn't seem to know much to be honest which I found to be a tad unusual but I think hard landscaping 's his thing. Gary has identified the sucker- it is definitlely this:

 Leaves are identical. One step nearer - V. Opulus.


Nice things, Geoff.

It's about 10 am here, and I'm just about to turn on the Lympics. 6 jars of peach chutney made; maple walnut sticky buns rising on the counter, and while you all prepare dinner, I am contemplating breakfast. Cloudy day here---but I'll be watering later.

Deanos Diggin It

Evening all! 

@ Geoff- I'm a lorry driver! now that said! I don't drive that much these day's! Been stood down! Been Involved in alot of training this last few years! Our company is growing at a rapid rate of knot's! n we are opening new depots up n down the country in vast volumes!  been asked to join our own in house training/driving school, which is why I am being sent length n breadth of the country to sit various courses/qualifications with a view to becoming a full time Driving Standards Agency accredited HGV/LGV Driving instructor!

Just hoping it won't get in the way of my greatest pleasure! Gardening! We'll see! It being office hours n all that!

n on a plus side! First day back n I have aquired a 6ft x 12ft Summer house! Free! Got a prime position for that on the plot!!!!



Just caught the end of the men's gymnastics--what an upset! Congrats to the Brits on their silver--hope it stands. William and Harry sure enjoyed it!


Lottie you know exactly where I'm coming from then.. boys!

Jean I actually like cats just not in my garden.

Geoff your photos are excellent very impressive

Gary your strawberries look just like mine but mine are called tesco

Dean that was so jammy getting a Summer house!! We have one and love it. Sunday morning breakfast and reading the paper. We bought reclining chairs to have a wee sleep tooheaven

Kate I have a lovely indian yoghurt recipe if you want it, its lovely with salad, cold ham, obviously Indian food etc



Well, bronze is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. One of the Japanese guys is sniffing his silver medallist's posy - what's the betting there's nothing scented in there?


Jenny yes please, the more dressings the better.

Inkadog peach chutney sounds yummy.

Jean great net curtain twitching 


Evening all.

Nice pics Geoff, shows that you've had better weatherr down your way.

Was supposed to be a super efficient Mrs Mop today & get everything done for when the rain stopped. It did, & by mid afternoon a nice day. Trouble was/is my skill, or not, at getting side-tracked. Newspapers, radio prog, then the Olympics. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

Need to shop first thing, before the little horrors get taken shopping. If mine, or any of her friends had behaved the way they do nowadays, then they wouldnt be here! I shall then shall finish off the cleaning- unless the TV etc distracts me again.

What I did find out today, is that phoning our GPs just after lunch gets you pretty quickly through to a receptionist & easy to get an appointment in advance. J.



Kate my Indian Yoghurt sauce

Greek sauce..chilli powder..

I don't do measurements but roughly for half a pint of yoghurt Id use 2tsp of mint sauce, 2,3 tsp sugar, half tsp of chilli powder

The sauce should be quite sweet with a kick off the mint and slight heat off the chilli. Its slightly different every time, its best made at least two hours before you use it and much better the next day. Its actually the sauce you get with a starter in an Indian restaurant (I changed it to greek yoghurt Im sure they would use a natural yoghurt) I asked a waitress once what it was made up of. It would come either red or yellow I dont bother with the food colouring




Ok my OH says its "yogurt" I say "yoghurt" can someone settle this argument but please say Im right


Thankyou... Becks ha right again

Miss Becks

LOL! You can actually spell it both ways, but I spell it the same as you. Saw an advert for 'Onken' earlier, and they spelt it without the H.