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Well the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky temp says it will reach a barmy 4c today. Lets see what it hits.. 


We have sunshine too at the moment, but there was a sharp frost overnight - I thought I was getting a garden weather station for my birthday, but I didn't .... the old min/max thermometer fell off the wall last autumn .... I haven't got another one yet but I know it was jolly cold Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Gary.. it's not even 21 in my house.. 

Bunny ...
Freezing !!!!!!

Internet all weird today , liking the lighter evenings already better next week though yes darker morning for while ...we'll cope . Maybe then itl warm up..sharnt hold my breath. Going through logs here normally we would be using less and would stock up for next winter

OH working , I've a trip to town (he may tag along later) for parts and food shopping amongst the masses buying enough food for a month
Gary Hobson

With the bright sunshine, temps in the greenhouse this afternoon should make it into the high 20s.

Already have the deck chair in position.

Who needs Tenerife when you have a greenhouse and some sun, and this gorgeous weather.


Bunny ...
It's 2degrees in mine Gary !! I'd rather be in Tenerife .

Morning sunny forkers.

We've had nice sun for the last hour or so, it seems that clouds are overtaking it now  

Oooh, the chap on the radio has just mentioned Flo Yoga. Specially tailored for me perhaps?

I don't go in my greenhouse much as I'm not doing seeds. I ought to get my autopots up and running though so I can have 6 something or others. If I saw 20+ degrees on the max/min I don't think I'd believe it.

Rosa carriola wrote (see)

I think I need to take Oscar to vet. He has had a cough for a long time, checked by vet, but last couple of weeks if he gets excited or out of breath he coughs more.

Thought he was due for injections about now but checked today and not until June so visit can't be part of his yearly check up. Will go next week i think  (worried smiley)




I had the same with Lily my oldie, Bjay. Boosters not due so spent £26 to be told there's nothing untoward. Glad of course but she's still sort of wheezy. I suppose it's partly because her sister Flo went very wheezy and breathless towards the end. (still a bit anxious smiley)  Hope all well with Oscar


Morning all.

Sun's out, washing 'doing', had my tablets- good girl for remembering- & have just finished 2cnd coffee. When I get down from ceiling, shall do a very quick clean up & then go out to shed to find some 'radiator backing foil stuff' that I usually use on the N side of my greenhouse to reflect the light back. Need some of it to put behind the big dahlia/cosmos pots that are in here. Normally by now they'd be in the greenhouse, but darent risk it yet as not insulated this time & never that warm anyway.

Used to hate it when pets became unwell. Daughter keeps muttering about a rescue guinea pig....... J.


Morning All 

off to face the masses at Morrisons, maybe some plants will fall into trolley as well

Very cold overnight - GH temp was about same as yours Gary but warming up to a workable temp now. However, today I will wrap up warm - no beige, very bright yellow fleece,- and construct my raised bed. Then pot up my peruvian lilies in the GH rather than in the kitchen, and maybe spread a bag of mixed horse manure on the new front bed.

Back  later

Bunny ...
Good luck with Morrisons good to wear yellow ...I can't wear yellow
What's mixed horse manure then ? Different horses ?

Messaged you ...thank you

More coffee required here, nowhere near the ceiling yet .

Morning all. Raining.

My Hotmail has changed to and now I can't download attachments. Don't know what to do. Apart from go to the GH and prick out seedlings.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, cold and sunny here too. Very cold last night, but snuggly under the duvet. Off to dentist to sort crown out. Don't want to go out into the cold.
Bunny ...
Liz ..greenhouse sounds a good option

Ugh dentist
Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

Not awake properly yet. We had a lie in. Nothing to report yet. Need coffee. Sun is in and out.


Morning peeps

Been watching cops catch naughty drivers

The sun is shining but it just looks cold

No shoppoing -no dentist-no work


Jean Genie

Morning everyone, Bright and sunny here.  Hoping it stays like that. Just checked my coleus and they are well away - first time I've grown them so hoping they are successful. Also hoping that the weather is OK at weekend so OH can finish what's been started in the new border.

Hope all is ok with Oscar. Bjay probally just a cold but best to get him checked over.

Off to shops now as I haven't got enough Easter eggs - hoping there's some left.

I think we should all bombard Daniel with e-mails as to what is going on with the site. Still not receiving e-mails and getting fed up with it now.

Jean Genie

There's a lot of ''hoping'' in that last post .

Bunny ...
Can't beat hope jean shall easter bunny drop some more eggs off for you , I've still some left
Struggling to get going here , OH tired dog lay half on me asleep ....zzzzzzzzzzz
Bunny ...
Temp was at 4 now says dropping ... 3.8 .... 3.7

Morning late folk