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Derek, unfortunately I am shorter, wider and older than those models!


Lol Busy, did you just post your greenhouse image to make me feel like crap.. 

Pennine Petal

Always do what I am told Geoff Increased font size and the bums got bigger, scary

Sotongeoff they look like young plug plants wait till they mature am sure there shape will change.


Very full GH Lizzie

beige hat Jo?



Good evening , away at 7 to meeting on allotments and what if anything can be done about drainage ,talk when I get back '



Sorry, Discodave didn't mean to make you feel like crap  Have you seen Lily-Louise's greenhouse? It's amazing. I was expecting people to think mine is untidy, but then I tried not to include the messy corner in the photo!

Rosa carriola wrote (see)

Is boiler fixed Jo or just behaving itself?

Don't like creme eggs, not that keen on chocolate either


Caz W wrote (see)

Jo - it's just waiting for the clocks to change so it can whistle you awake an hour earlier

No, seriously it's fixed!! New valve fitted- bit suspiocious when man says got 1 on van, but who cares. So now have valves on radiators set how we/me want ie not full on in unused rooms.

Envious of that greenhouse. Mine practically empty at the mo, just too cold to use over winter. Coldframes however are all full to bursting, so are porch windowsills, spare room sill, daughter's sill (well it's still full of her stuff, but getting less) & our bedroom sill too. Oh & some sprouted small dahlias also on landing windowsill. Just taken care too not to tread on the 4 big pots in front of the patio windows, complete with 'back shield' of that reflecting stuff behind them. I did manage to close the blinds & curtains though without incident.

OH en route as I type. Had to do more rice to go with the curry I'd done for self. Luckily I'd done enough for 2 & was about to freeze 1 lot, but not the rice. J.


Im only joking Busy, you have obviously worked hard and congrats are needed. Yeah I have seen lilies, its  impressive.. 


Odd-the picture and my posting has been removed-some prude has reported it to the moderator I guess-whoever it was -you might have the courage to admit to it


It was hardly offensive..

and by hardly I mean not offensive at all


I have my suspicions

We can all play that game

It was a bit of a scrum in the Easter egg aisle in Sainsburys this morning,too!
Did the weekly shop today so I will be able to get out in the garden early in the morning
Your plants look good Lizzie
Pam LL x
Pennine Petal
Easter eggs will be cheaper on Monday!

Strange, thought I had changed my name.



Thought it seemed out of context. Never thought about the pic going.

Sorry Glyn forgot about Easter names - will have a thinK


Changed now but kept part of me for identificaton purposes