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Right I'm off - back tomorrow

Sue H
Oh dear feel inadequate. Bought taste the difference hot cross buns. Not done anything in garden. Had to catch up with shopping and reinstating order in house after four 12hr nights. Never mind - don't have to work again till Wednesday. Good job I like going to work now.
Glass of wine now. Tomorrow I will do something in garden. Going to bake an Easter cake. Not simnel as they are not keen on fruit cake.
Pennine Petal
Only till Tesday Geoff, lots of assignments to mark, so will do that at home. Will go in for a day to see students panicking about their dissertations. Students have another 2 weeks off. Only 2 more weeks of teaching after Easter, hurray!

I've been inspired to make buns too but they are doing their first stint in the airing cupboard at the mo. Sue - Do Not feel inadequate. After 4 12 hour nights I wouldn't even have the energy to buy any!!


my you lot have been busy today ,did anyone do any Gardening at all

I'm just back from my plot it was a cool 6c but dry




I spent about 4 hours in total in the garden, Derek. Doesn't look like anything because I was moving paving and bricks, digging up unwanted shrub and ivy and generally tidying, Hope your day was successful on the plot.


it was but Oh said to go and collect 2nd daughter from her job she's off at 6 ,no she's off at 9 tonight and it's still bright out



We have a few sunny spells promised again for tomorrow so I am hopeful that OH will help me move the chicken run and give it a thorough spring-clean. Might get some washing dry (ish) too


Congrats on hitting the 4000 posts bunny..


Bunny ...
That's it 4000th post ...... Open the bar

Ohhhh has everyone gone ? All alone bunny wabbit celebrating....

Whooop whooop
Bunny ...
Hello dave , thank you dave
Caz W

Blimey Dave - you're psychic


Here's to the next 1000 - you should do that by the end of April

Bunny ...
Hehehehehehee thanks caz , get the wine open ...

Wowwwwww psychic dave


Bunny ...
Mmmmmm have you had blueberries frozen into cubes , great in g&t

Evening, Forkers.

Sorry I haven't been posting for a week or so. I have been reading your posts, but didn't feel I had anything to say.

I've been shopping! Got new laptop and finally managed to sync my Firefox browser with all the settings and bookmarks from the old one. Second pair of old lady shoes arrived from Hotter. Ordered two more raised beds from Linkabord. Bought six bags of compost from Kelways GC (I live about 200 yards away) today to fill them.If you like peonies do look at Kelways' website - they are famous for them.

I see they have 70litre bags of compost in Asda for £4 each, but I don't know what the quality is. Mine were £12 for 3x50litre, but I know I could go back and moan if they are rubbish.

[takes breath]

I hope all the lurgified are on the mend. This cold air isn't doing much for my lungs....... We had snow here on Wednesday evening, which is a bit of a rarity. And I had been thinking of going to the allotment - pah!

Bunny ...
Haaaaa goldi ...don't have to have somet to say look at me !!,

Becks don't know what you mean

I'm a bit of a quiet person usually, Bunny.

Been inspired by you lot to make a fish pie - one of my very favourite yummy things. And I found prawns and mussels on the yellow sticker shelf in Tesco today so it will be a posh one.

Glass of wine, anybody?


Did I miss it all?

Been with Tyrone in court-the end is near and nasty Kirsty gets found out