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Good Morning Folks.

Bright and sunny here today, just a light sprinkling of snow overnight so no doubt chilly outside, haven't ventured out yet.

I fancied making some hot cross buns, but that's as far as I got thinking about it. so good on yer Flo.

Busy day today, what's new, coffee morning at Mums res home, then prep for family descending on us for lunch tomorrow, be nice to see them though.

Happy Easter everyone.



Sounds as if you'll be plenty busy enough cooking for the family, Chris - no time for buns!

Morning All

Sunshine here.
Friends coming round and we're off out for a while this afternoon then back here to eat.
Tried to prep in advance to make it relaxing, made a huge curry last night, so just reheating, cooking the rice and accompaniments!

No garden time but should be a lovely day.
Just popping in as I've got cleaning to do!
Bunny ...
Morning ...

We had sun now cloudy ...boooooo.
OH working , finishing early (so he says **rolls eyes smiley**) , was hoping to empty out some pots ..loathe to bin things but my lillies had for few yrs all brown last yr , think was botrytis ?sp? So thought best to chuck em and re use pots.

Mmm, Nola, curry always better for leaving a day.

Bunny, I know what you mean. It took me a long time to learn to bin plants and even now I'm not that good at it.

As soon as OH has had his third cup of tea we're off outside to Spring clen and resite the chicken ranch. I was promised sunny spells, have been up since 6.30 (gasp, unheard of) and not a single beam yet



Morning All

well I was expecting abig party for bunny's 4000th - any wa congrats, Bobtail

Liz you can talk gardening on here, you may even gat some sense back

Today it's clearing so that I can site the bed

see you

Oh - and there aren't any Buns left - All gone

Sue H
Morning all. Good nights sleep had and back to normal. Nice and sunny here. Will definitely get out there today. Just read in paper about petunias called 'below zero' that survive freezing temps. Sounds interesting. Bunny I always avoid lily's as I have cats and am afraid it will harm them. Am I right or could I grow them?
Bunny ...
Sue I've had these longer than had olive so don't know , mine in pots not ground , I tend not to have any bulbs .
Bunny ...
Nobody wanted to party with bunny
Sue H wrote (see)
. Bunny I always avoid lily's as I have cats and am afraid it will harm them. Am I right or could I grow them?

Yes -you can grow cats....

Got Mary B's 'bara brith' on the go...not done hot x buns before so compromising by adding appropriate spices. Need to go a long walk to work that off  Sorted my shed out so feeling virtuous


Morning all. Busy today, in the middle of making salmon paté, chicken liver paté and lemon cheesecake for the lunch for 22 people I'm doing tomorrow in aid of cancer support. But the sore throat, achy joints and gritty eyes have turned into a cold. Bother. (I always feel like writing "said Pooh" after that). Hope I don't infect everyone. Too late to cancel now.


Morning all

Very quiet -people must be out stocking up-nothing open tomorrow-we ae all doomed

Sue-have sent you a message


Bunny ...
Awww Liz can say ...said pooh if you like

Yes must all be gardening already Geoff unlike us

Morning Geoff, you seem more like your old self today 


Right guys, I have to go off back to bed. May see you in half an hour, may see you this evening. 


Jean Genie

Morning - just  Have been busy last couple of days. Water feature up and running and the other one now in rockery all sorted - just needs planting now.

Just found a little dead mouse in one of the buckets that had melted snow in cos I was out of rainwater.

More pricking out today. I enjoy that

Need to catch up on all the posts - Hope everyone's well and warm.


Morning, Forkers.

Bought a punnet of broad bean plants this morning which were on sale at the Home for the Bewildered where I buy my eggs. Beans I planted late last year have not come up, so I have taken the easy route!

Still very cold here although it is sunny on and off. I think I shall put off going to the allotment until tomorrow. Raised beds have not arrived yet.

I have been lazy this year and did not make any buns, but bought a couple from the baker in Trumpton this morning.

Sue - it is the pollen that is the problem for cats but you can get beautiful Lilies now that are pollen free
Pam LL x

Liz, any Pooh quotes are always fine with me. One of my favourite characters ever

Have come in from chicken ranch refurbishing to have lunch. Had it now, just enjoying tea and biccie or two before going out for part 2. We had a sunny interval earlier, seems to be another one now.

How sweet to be a cloud ...


Bunny, sorry to have miseed your 4000. How about we party next week when you get to 5000