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Re sun and windows - just close the curtains....

I painted some of my fence today as it's in that orange colour  but I think it'll need about 20 coats . My bara brith smells good...might have to have a little bit now 

Is that better for me than a chocolate egg?

Verdun wrote (see)
Happy Easter everyone on fork,handles

Thanks, Verdun and Happy Easter to you too. Hoping the change to BST will signal an improvement in all things garden-y , esp. weather

Fairygirl, I think you need to try both before you can judge

Bunny ...
I'd go,egg for breakfast and BB for lunch fairy

Have fun Verdun !
Sue H
Happy easter to all. Happy forking !!!
Bunny ...
You too sue , have a lovely weekend


Happy Easter fellow Forkers

Night all -one hours less sleep tonight

Bunny ...
Ohhh god Geoff , see you about 2pm then
Sue H
Oooh forgot about that. Will change clock now before I forget!
Sue H
Happy easter to all. Happy forking !!!
Bunny ...
Hehehe sue , we haven't done ours yet ...hopefully some will change over
Sue H
Not going by clocks tomorrow anyway. Just going to live by feelings!! No work, no shops, no buses, bliss
Garden garden garden.
Bunny ...
And Easter eggs same here though expecting a call from outlaws re going out for lunch

Sooo tired - already been to sleep - now going to bed. night


Wish it wasn't now the clocks are changing, have to get up extra early to deal with lunch for 22 before going to Church. Done 2 different first courses and the pudding, prepared potatoes, started gravy, washed floor, dusted dining room, cleaned 2 loos. Bedtime. Goodnight all.


Sue H
Lizzie. Sounds like a life of slavery. Get help soon???
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Happy Birthday to the Easter Bunny.

(Though the exact origins of Easter are disputed. In a recent survey, one in ten children said they believed Easter marks the anniversary of the invention of chocolate).

Good morning to,everyone. Hope you all remembered to,put clocks back and get your extra hour's sleep.
Bunny ...
Yes Verdun of course

I saw that Gary what are they teaching in schools

Morning all, 

Never mind schools Bunny.. Why aren't parents teaching their children these things..?  Its not the responsibility of schools to teach children good manners or behaviour nor is it the schools teach children about life. Thats like the child that put in a test that Christianism was the following of Christiano Ronaldo. I know a child that won't eat potatoes because she doesn't like the taste, but loves chips and I was asked not to say that chips were made from potatoes because the deception meant she was at least eating vegetables.. LOL, I had to walk away or go on yet another killing spree..