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And here is the allotment of the obsessive bloke at the back of mine - blimey!

If you would like to be neighbourly you could tell him that his nice shade of blue will attract Bees



Pennine Petal
Gosh Goldi, his looks very regimented and organised.. I don't do organised, well not very often. I can be very organised if I choose to be, but soon get bored with it and something more interesting catches my eye.

Have come in for a little break and to prepare rhubarb. Seems as if everyone's busy busy today. Hope you're having fun, whatever you're up to


Had an easy day today. Spent a lot of it tryig to find room for things on window ledges and in GH.

Have marked out an extension to my white border - quite pleased with it. By the time I have put the shrubs I have in it will just need filling with perennials, bulbs etc.

Pennine Petal
Afternoon, is everyone off doing family stuff? I'm watching Peter Pan. Did step outside but not warm enough for me to garden, hate gardening in gloves and snow made my hands too cold.


Pennine Petal
Sounds like you have been busy Bjay, I have had a totally, relaxing day, but feel as though I should have done something more productive.
Bunny ...
Hello been out , sorted food for later, walked dog, fire on , glass of rose ...relax time .
Peter Pan wow not seen that for long time , OH bought some DVDs in tesco today so may watch one of those later.
Sounds like a gardening has been main focus of today and relaxing
Pennine Petal
I was hoping for Dustin Hoffman as Hook, but it's a later version, still enjoying it though. I like kids films, remember when we used to have Disney Time for bank holidays? Don't need it now with so much other TV coverage and DVDs.
Bunny ...
I love kids films , I have my collection hehe ...OH just rolls his eyes when I request new one
Deanos Diggin It

Do not be disheartened at the state of other people's plot's, He is probably a retired guy with that sort of time on his hands!

Allotmenteering is hard work n time consuming to begin with, as only my two home gardens can answer to this last year!

But with a bit of hard work n devotion, they pay back in dividends! Believe me! I did it last year n shall continue too!

I just loved walking home with a huge trug of homegrown stuff to deliver to my three daughters!

All the very best of luck with it!

Kids came back from their Dad's with tons of bleeping Easter Eggs. Oldest doesn't like 'em so how am I supposed to work that lot off ??  The bara brith's bad enough...

This week I will mostly be eating....dust



No easter eggs here either, Petal. I shall hunt down the bargains in the stupidmarket next week!

Bloke in plot at the back of mine is indeed a retired person. He was an accountant with the MOD, aand is Scottish. He told me that he was at a bit of a loss when he retired......

I suspect that he may be trying to keep out of the way of his wife....unless he has buried her under the patio he haas been building outside his shed.......


Sending Mrs Geoff out on cheap Easter Egg hunt tomorrow


Bunny ...
I hope mrs Geoff finds nothing ...!!! Very few in tesco-land today ..we managed to scramble a couple for ourselves I may share but you have a good drive to get here

OH came back from shop with bar of Green and Black's for me - nice surprise and much nicer than Easter Egg


Easter egg free here. By choice but OH is buying me a little Holly 'Blue Angel', wanted one for ages and he volunteered

Just watched Foyles War - quite scarey to think about it (cold war) really

And of course been knitting