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Sue H
Morning all. Cold here too. Been to get papers and hang washing out. Quick to get back in! Need to sow more seeds. Difficult as I can't imagine it being warm and sunny enough to put anything in garden. Got some broadbean plants growing in my coldframe. May put them in garden. What do you think? Good idea?? Was going to have some breakfast but someone has put program on tv about a 42stone mum. Put me right off

Morning all. Happy April Fool's day.

Feeling drained this morning after yesterday's lunch, but at least the kitchen and dining room are clean and tidy now. Quiet morning, gardening this afternoon. Still got after winter clearing up to do.

I had bought a tray of 6 early fruiting tomato plants to have some in the greenhouse before my seedlings are ready. Completely forgot them and left them outside for 2 nights. Last night was -2° and light frost on lawn. Tomatoes look fine! They are now in the GH.

Spent yesterday potting up seedlings and pottering in the garden. It was so hot in the greenhouse i was actually sweating, had forgotten what that was. Tomato and chilli plants looking good.


Morning All

White Rabbits

Have to find a new avatar, thing is the garden has changed so little, it's not exactly bursting wih spring.

I will shortly go in search of an avatar photo - I have an idea,

Then maybe will plant front border.

Saturday night registered -4.9C in Gh, This morning was only -0.6C - maye be it is warming up

Pennine Petal
Morning all, cold and windy here for the first day of April. No plans again, last day of my holiday.



11.22- am up -must do something

Bunny ...
You could go for lunch with my outlaws
Pennine Petal
You don't have to do anything Geoff, relax and take it easy it's a holiday!

Going to prick out the petunias- as you do

Everyday is a holiday

Jean Genie

Afties,  Admiring my nice clean patio after yesterday's efforts but it's gone cold again today. Hard to get motivated at the mo but keep telling myself I'll give it another hour.

Yesterday was lovely - picked a good day.

Sitting here doing nothing.

I need some inspiration.


Back from cold dog walk and quick visit to GC. Had cup of coffee (and 2 shortbread biscuits that I didn't need  ) Bought small bag of vermiculite, resisted several plants, a swing seat and assorted stone dragons. May go in GH after lunch and set up the autopots - at least I'll be out of the wind.

Looking forward to BLT sarnie for lunch when OH gets back.


Well have spent all this time planting up the frone garden bed. So finally have got around to changing my avatar for April

This is one of the plants I have just put in. It is called Photinia 'Little Red Robin' and is a dwarf variety of the big one


Have found I now have some spaces. I thought I had enough plants but even taking into consideration the spread still have some large gaps


Saw the planted-up front on the other thread, Bjay. You must be so pleased to have done all that. I'm sure you'll get inspiration for those gaps, might be nice to have some space for other things that take your fancy.


Did the petunias-sowed more seeds-a full day


Just been out to pot up a couple of roses,Little White Pet, to have on the patio to find that the compost we bought was the wrong sort We ask the chap at the garden centre to load us a bag of Tree, Shrub and Rose compost and he gave us hanging basket compost, should have checked as he loaded it I suppose, but we bought grow bags and some more stuff and didn't notice.

Will now have to make another journey to GC

Sound as if everyone's been busy today, but it's still too cold to be out for long.

Leftovers for tea then a relaxing evening after having to family over yesterday.



Miss Becks

I didn't realise there was a special rose compost Chris! I was planning to fill my front garden with roses WHEN I get round to doing it. That's going to make it expensive. Or is that just for tubs/container roses?


Temp. got up to 10°C today so finally got off my chuff. Potted up my cannas which have been in the cellar and tidied up the front porch which has my overwintering plants. Tomorrow I will cut back and replant my dipladenia Sundaville which is in a hanging basket.

Pizza for dinner tonight then TV and check the Forum during the ads.

Jean Genie

Typical  Finally got motivated outside and spent a few hours digging and pottering under a grey chilly sky. The minute I get in , the sun's cracking the flags.

Lovely evening here.


Hi Becks.

I wanted the rose compost because I'm putting them in pots, just gives them  the correct soil for the plant when confined to a pot, it's got a bid more body. If I were planting in a border I would put my homemade compost and bonemeal in the hole to give them a good start, well rotted manure dug in, would be even better, if you can get it..