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Sue H
So cold here hav'nt ventured out!! Whatever will I do? Bitter wind. See what tomorrow is like. Can't see that I will ever catch up. May be forced into buying young plants later. Expensive but an alternative

I planted little white pet in the autumn. we saw it (smelt it) on a  trip to a grden and fits in with the look of the fairy dell.

Pretty little thing isn't it?

Had a bath and am now reclining on settee wondering if I can stand up straightwhen I get up

Gotta say, I love the harmony now on the forum.
Everybody seems to support everyone else now.
Miss Becks

Right Chris. I see now. Thanks!

I know Sue. My veg beds are still not done. Snow is only just melting off them.


Yes Verdun, but there are still areas where things are rattled. It does not help that everyone is frustrated about the poorly working web site and not being able to move around it with ease

I think whoops squashed tomato is appearing to often.


Pennine Petal
Evening, been out for fish and chips at Boundary Mill. Stopped in at the Thornton's to see if there were any Easter Eggs on offer. Only 3 diabetic choc ones left, but 50% off lots of boxes of chocolates. Needless to say, I succumbed.

Hello Glyn. You've just reminded me that I have three quarters of a bar of choccy lurking in the cupboard .  Fish and chips always a treat

Miss Becks

Who can resist cheap choccy Glyn!!

Nearly messed up then. Forgot to put the h in choccy and nearly posted.


Sorry Verdun-people snapping at each other over a tv programme doesn't strike me as harmonious

Someone calling someone else a moany old git-harmonious?

Someone calling their neighbour obnoxious-not pleasant

This place is not was it was-and he has nothing do to with the weather


Just have to avoid those threads/people, there's always a few who spoil things. There are lots of lovelies here

Geoff. What's going on now?
I haven't read all comments today but it's been a friendly,forum lately. There are a couple of indiscreet comments but mostly it's good.
You have always been one of the major contributors ever since I started....domt always agree with you but often do.
It feels like the forum is breaking would be a shame.
It takes a big man to broker the peace......I've always thought you.a bit arguememtative and stubborn at I am...but a big man too. .???
Contentious is fine Geoff. However, mostly the comments are appreciative ones about gw presenters. The forum, like people everywhere. Is a mix of views some tactful, some not, some very good and some very bad. I think a few egos were agitated on that page Geoff
Look. This forum has a wealth of knowledge, skills, advice, humour. (none better than your changing xmas characters and smilies Geoff) and even sadness when we feel we can open up a bit
I actually like most of the posters here and respect all their views. I have felt challenged to rethink some of my long-held garden opinions's been that good a forum.
I still think you are big enough Geoff to, as your "blog" says, "don't take anything too seriously"......??
Bunny ...
Verdun you don't usually post on this thread ... Why now ? I haven't been on GW long but certain posts do not enlighten , entertain or inspire me into gardening ...and so I have stopped becoming involved , is that showing that this site is better now? I'm sorry Verdun i respect your knowledge and have taken on board a lot but this board is not a happy place sadly .


Easter bunny
Please take this as a piece of honesty
I posted on this tthread TO SHOW UNITY.
I posted on Both this and morning FORKERS to show I support BOTH.
I posted on both to try and stop "sides" developing.
I posted on both to try and pacify, reconcile and soothe some anger I see.
Easter bunny I'm sorry you don't like posts that enlighten, inspire or entertain but many do. But, we read those posts that appeal to us and ignore those that do not. I don't read all of them.
Right now most of us are itching to get out into the garden but cannot because of the weather so the forum has taken to such discussion
I'm sorry you distrust my,motives for posting on this thread but you have no reason to. ..if you knew me you would know CLEARLY that isn't me.
I'm sorry you feel I should not post on this thread or question my motives. That is wrong of you
That this board "is not a happy place" I suggest you read the posts again.

 whats all the shouting for, I can get that from she who must be obeyed



Please don't get upset with each other. Nearly all this forum is friendly but when you get so many people of different characters and walks of life there is bound to be the odd disagreement. This particular thread is the fun, friendly one where we all get on in a good humoured way so let's keep it like that. Please

Pennine Petal
Chocolates eaten! Jonathon Creek, same old, same old! Healthy eating programme starts tomorrow, OH just sound a pack of Lidl spiced biscuits. Now I know they are there, I will have to eat them, I have no will power, sadly.