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Clogher head
I'm not shouting. I've had someone questioning why I've posted on this thread....has anyone' told you off for posting here?
Capitals are for clarity
I've just realised my error....sick bunny posted not Easter bunny. Don't know sick bunny.
If my comments on this thread are not welcome and represent what others think please tell me
I can only repeat my reason for posting on this thread was to try and unify the forum
Pennine Petal
Are you sick Bunny? Too much chocolate? I missed the name change. Feeling that way myself at the mo, OH opened the biscuits. I tried to say no, only had one, honest.
Bunny ...
I am easter bunny ...sick bunny ..bunny.... Originally bunnysgarden...fed up bunny ..and shall change my name not my picture to suit ...but I don't change my name to attack anyone . It doesn't change me and my passion for gardening and understanding others with the same feeling...however too many posts re not involving gardening loses my interest , I like fun , I love to hear about others lives ...but some things not I don't get involved, I don't say anything ...I prefer calm usually .

Verdun I do not have problem with views , Derek means capitals is shouting in Internet world... So to some (I don't mean Derek) seen as rude.

I'm not arguing Verdun , that isn't my way. If you feel the need the argue then all hope is lost.
Sick bunny
Our first exchange prob misconstrued....wires crossed maybe?
My intention to post was to be friendly and still is .....
I usually post on other threads in reply to gardening questions, remarks and suggestions. I have some knowledge to share and always look to acquire more so I enjoy the forum.
so, sick bunny, lets start again! happy to meet you.,

Spring is here no frost again a bit windy though  .




Morning all. Anyone welcome  

Hope the gardening gets under way very very soon - some of us are going stir crazy

Have a good day

Thanks flo bunny. Yep itching to get veg seeds sown now.....carrots, Beetroot, spring onions,etc. etc.
Morning everyone....hope you all enjoy the sunshine

Easter over so back to being a bear again! Love the cute bunny pic, though, so he's staying for while.

Gardening Grandma

Morning everyone. I don't usually post on here, although it seems to provide a lot of fun and friendship. I was disturbed enough by what I've just read to want to comment. I agree with Verdun that this forum seems a more friendly place recently. There have been unwise postings and comments, but why do we need to quarrel over that? It is just what rude and hostile posters want.  Verdun made a friendly move and was treated pretty roughly, I'd say. This is one man who, to my knowledge, has never been other than friendly and helpful on this forum. If posters on this thread do that, then they are going to create the impression that this is a clique and I am sure that is not true.

Gardening grandma
You are making me blush but people will think you really are my grandma....even tho you prob are younger than me.
Your comments were unexpected but lovely to read. Thanks
This is a lovely for everyone.
I hope I am welcome on this to it but yes, it is FUN
Jean Genie

Morning everyone.  We've just had a snow shower ! Now it's gone back to being lovely and sunny - very odd.

Late visit from Grandson and girlfriend last night so not really ''with it'' yet. No big plans as of yet but will take advantage of the sunshine.

Please don't come back , snow.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, sunny outside, but still cold. Need some warmth to get rid of the snow.

Working at home today, lots to do, but am sure will find time to keep checking in.

Verdun and GG, welcome to fork handles, lots of fun and laughing on this thread. We like a bit of banter.

Where's Geoff?

Morning all. Raining, scuppered potato planting. Bother.

Geoff gets up late


just got a text from Allotment Chairman am I spare at 2:30 to dig ditches to allow excess water to drain looks like I'm going to be busy


Pennine Petal
Me too, still lazing in bed, but have to get up now, else I will stay here all morning and I have to do some work. I like a lie in when I'm not working, as am usually up between 6 and 6.30 for work. Only 2 weeks of teaching left when we get back. In the mean time dissertation students waiting for responses from me, so I best get off.

Have a lovely day everyone.


Good morning Everyone It is a lovely morning -the sun is shining but it is still really cold -brrrr!!!!
Am waiting to be invade by 4 little people for the day !
Pam LL x

Morning All.

Got to go into town today to get paint for the newly repaired gate, one job that got done over the Easter weekend, to blooming cold to be outside. OH managed to get some pricking out done, french marigold and some potting up, just wish it would warm up

Will have a look round Wilko's to see if they have got any bargains.

Not much else to report in this neck of the woods.

Catch you later, new and old forkers.


Pennine petal
Thanks for your greeting
Hope you are well on this lovely sunny morning
Clogherhead, nice job ?? At least it's dry. And it will keep you fit
I actually enjoy the physicality of gardening but I guess digging ditches isn't too appealing
cotty1000 wrote (see)

cats.hate them.if they are pets then why do people let them poo where ever they cat owners know the meaning of pet,wild animal,domesticated and bone idle?answer  is no,yes,no,YES.

people who own cats without litter trays are like people who let their dogs poo on the pavement but ten times worse,as the dogs don't kill small animals and birds and they don't deficate in peoples gardens.

the government should have all cats dna registered,so when they poo in the garden you can get the neglectful owner fined.most of my neighbours have cats without litter trays,so i asked my neighbour one day where her cat poos and she said she didn't know.i will tell you it was in my garden where my two young kids play.if she doesn't care or know then she isn't fit to own a cat.


Verdun wrote (see)

Clogherhead, nice job ?? At least it's dry. And it will keep you fit
I actually enjoy the physicality of gardening but I guess digging ditches isn't too appealing

Its not but someones got to do it



Coffee break time. I'm indoors in the warm having completed online shopping. Workmen outside in the cold preparing for my paved areas. Better see if they want tea


Pam have fun with your small people. Glyn,  just 2 weeks of teaching left roll on mid April then   Derek - it will be worth the effort, hope there are plenty of helpers.