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Bunny, that name is too too weird


G'day All

Just done the WW thing , bit surprised at that I must say considering all the heavy gardening I have done in the last week

Went for foot check up and may not need to go again, up to me, but doc says will never be completely right - age thing

He has recommended some shoes - £90 - he obviously doesn't manage on a pension, but he did say I should be able to get them half price in the internet.

I just long to be able to wear fancy/smart shoes - before accident I probably wouldn't have but then I had the choice.

Flo I hope your workmen are efficient and don't make tto much mess, at least it isn't raining.

Bright sun here, but ohh what a cold, cold wind

Jean Genie

Hi Bjay  Glad you don't have to go back to hospital with your foot. My friend had a knee op a while ago and was also told that it would never be as good as what it was but now she's running around like a Spring chicken.

Maybe in due time it will be a little better if you don't do too much.

Sausage buttie then off to friends.


Afties all. Still not that warm but it's nice in the sun.

Bjay, good to hear your foot is possibly signed off , bummer that it's an age thing - like my neck, have to learn to live with it

Workmen are doing a tidy job so far. Sadly having to let them dump a load of lovely topsoil as I have nowhere for it  One of them is able to use some of it in his front garden but it's such a shame not to have a good home for the rest.

Right, off to garden, don't want to waste the sunshine.

Woke up full of the joys of spring today, have been swimming, done housework and even a bit of shopping. Im now knackered lying in a messy heap in front of the telly.

The sun is shining but the easterly wind is so cold.



Come in from GH. Gloriously warm inside it. B******freezing outside it, the bright sun hides a bitter wind.

Have had a Carol Klien moment and taken some cuttings of the Stachys 'lambs ears' as should fill in spaces in new white bed.

Have also sown some peas in a piece of guttering - does it work anyone?

Feel quite sleepy now. So will have acup of tea whle I feed animals and then snuggle in front of fire and watch TV. May come on here, may do some knitting. Shall have to see.

Yup, I've got peas coming along nicely in guttering. Carrots and spring onions as well.

Hi everyone.

Bjay, yes it works for peas, we have done some several times and have got some on the go now. If you are troubled with mice digging them up, snails or pigeons its a good idea. We have got ours in the greenhouse to give them a bit of a head start, so you have to be careful not to over water them, a mistake we have made in the past.

Been to town and of course came back with a couple of things I didn't actually go for including some more trailing begonia corms. I've lost a couple of mine over the winter, they have gone all mushy, so thought I would replace them.

Is this small text a thing that is going to stay? Most annoying, I know you can adjust it but it is a bit of a bind.

Bjay. - Hope your foot continues to improve

Of to get tea ready.





Have just enjoyed sitting in unheated conservatory for the first time this year! The sun makes such a big difference. Couldn't believe temp. in GH was 28*C, lucky I've only got a couple of cacti and a citrus tree in there. Got round to sowing some seeds today - 6 tomatoes, I only need two or three in the autopots in the GH so decided to be sensible.

Maud as a messy heap in front of telly  


Would you mind explaining to me what autopots are please Flo?


Yes, of course. It's a self watering system with a reservoir tank and then two, four, or in my case six pots in little stands. Bit pricey to set up but once you've got them you've got them! An absolute boon for an erratic waterer like me



Thanks - and are they big enough to take toms, aubergines, prppers?


Evening all. Belated Happy Easter.

I had, note past tense, an egg so now no more chocolate of mine in the house. OH's pieces still in fridge, but I shall be good.....

Sciatica hit big time as I got out of bath/shower on Friday morning. I'm now on regular painkillers again & totally fed up with it. Have done a whole load of pricking out though- Saturday afternoon. Today have spent most of the day outside- moving things around, some intentional, some by accident. Also potted on/up all my nursery/baby plants some of which will be used eventually. I also did a good re-edge of the lawn, now just need some chipped bark. So any aches & pains are totally self-inflicted this time. The soil is soo dry that things are struggling. I need to mulch, but no chance until had several good downpours. It even tried to snow again this morning......

Ooh, what's this? It may warm up to more normal temperatures this next w/end......pleeeze & some rain as well, ta. J.



Bjay, certainly toms and peppers, probably aubergines too. I tried butternut squash last year and got as far as small green ones but lack of warmth and sun did for them in the end. I filled 5 yesterday from one standard growbag.


Hello Jo, sounds as if you have achieved a lot today.


Will look into it.

Hi Jo a busy day



Yep got a lot done. Am resisting more p/killers but know I shall have to give in later.

I found that the Polygonatum is retrying, despite being totally eaten by sawfly last yr. Rather messed up my plan to fill the gap with a moved Hellebore, oops, so moved that further to one side & replanted the Solomons seal. Rescued another struggling hellebore from beneath the Viburnum & put it into the hole left by the removal of the first- I wanted the one colour in another bed.

Still not sure what space I have in my back bed for my new Ashwood hellebore, so it's still in a pot. I just have a feeling that some herbaceous plant is already in the gap that's there. Shall wait a bit until it's rained & things really got going.

OH thinks his 'neighbours from hell' have left. Let's hope any replacements are better......

Off to flop soon, didnt sleep brilliantly last night. J.

Rosa yes grown peas in guttering. However they tend to break up when I plant them out.
I now sow in trays and pot on. Plant outside under fleece....helps against mice although the pea seed has just about gone then ......and I have 100% success.
Jo4eyes, what colour are your new hellebores? Ashwood can be fantastic. Don't forget plenty of mulch and makes huge difference

I need to get back into hellebores - I had a couple of lovely ones many years ago - I've picked up a couple in pots from the garden centre over the winter, but poor things then got covered with snow and although I know they're still alive I've not really looked at them since due to lurgy - but with the promise of warmer weather next week maybe I can get outside and plant them 

Pennine Petal

Ow Jo, that hurts, I get it sometimes. OH got it once on the first day of our holiday to N Ireland, really limited what we could do during the week

I have been looking for the very dark coloured hellebore, but can't find one. Might go over to RHS on the weekend to see if I can find one there.



Heading up the wooden hill - goodnight all